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Apple Google Facebook The Messenger War

It’s amazing to me at times in tech the tech world what’s old is now new again just in a different way. For example in the 70’s and 80’s everything was terminals and dial up modems connecting to a mainframe computer hosted at data center....
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Microsoft Android Phone

Since I moved over to Android recently I got thinking about Microsoft’s mobile strategies with Nokie. The first thing I was thinking about is as an Android user you can use Microsoft services easier on Android and can set Microsoft apps as default app to...
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Moving From An iPhone To Galaxy S7

I recently decided to look at my aging iPhone 6 and after checking the website for my carrier seeing of I was eligible for an upgrade I decided to buy a new phone. After checking online I liked the fact that the Galaxy S7 was...
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Moving From An iMac to Chromebook

Over the last few months with the release of the macOS Sierra and Siri on the desktop I started to wonder about my aging iMac. I am using an iMac for 2012 with the retina display the machine runs well but I was thinking maybe...
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Google My Business For Local Business Advertising

Thinking that Search Engine Optimization is not for you because you’re a small local business? This is not the case there are tons of Google features designed specifically for local business that we can help you with to improve your customer base. In Google My...
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Vinyl Skins Are an Affordable Way to Customize Your S7

Recall the cellphones of yesteryear. Ten years ago, Nokia dominated the sales with their line of small yet clunky phones. Rewind even further and the designs got bigger. Brick like flip phones with antennae were part of the norm. Now? Not so much. Even though...
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Best Features Of Chrome OS

Looks like a laptop, feels like a laptop… But Chromebooks are a new type of computer designed to help you get things done faster and easier. They run Chrome OS, an operating system that gives you the best of Google apps, security built-in, easy central...
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Cloud Printing Benefits

Cloud Printing As on-premise file servers migrate to cloud-based file services, on-premise print servers are often left behind. Cloud printing solutions do more than replace local file servers with a cloud service, they Integrate legacy printers and cloud-ready printers into a unified service Enable printing...
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