When you compare to G Suite and Office 365 you can’t compare in house business apps at all for the simple fact Google really does not make any. While Google supports many more third-party apps then Office 365 hands down they do not make anything comparable to Office 365 Invoicing and Booking in house. While G suite has support for thousands of apps they are all third party none of them are made in house by Google. 

Microsoft makes Customers, Invoicing and MileIQ. Googles G Suite has not competitor they build internally but they do compete in with Microsoft in other areas. G suite comes with Google Sites which is a very close competitor to Microsoft SharePoint and is at times easier to use than Microsoft SharePoint.  

When it comes to basic apps G Suite has Docs, Sheets, Slides, Keep, Forms and Drive which is a direct competitor to Microsoft Word, Excel PowerPoint, OneNote, To Do, Forms and OneDrive. When you start getting into more advanced features of Office365 like Microsoft StaffHub, Sway, Dynamics and Planner Google G Suite has no competitor in this market unless you pay for a third-party app. 

Microsoft Flow and PowerApps which is a very easy way to get apps to work together between Microsoft Office 365-third-party apps or to build custom apps. Microsoft made everything very easy and visual and drag and drop. While Google does have a very open API platform that works with all their apps Microsoft Flow and PowerApps does work well and is very easy to implement with no programming or technical knowledge. 

Microsoft has Stream which is a great way to stream events for up to 10,000 attendees. Whether at home, work, or on the go everyone has a seamless video experience across web and mobile apps. But to be honest as great as this is for Microsoft, I know very few companies that use it and a YouTube just has the streaming video market tied up and it just works seamlessly. This one place Microsoft falls very short and can’t compete with Google. 

Microsoft bought LinkedIn and while Google was not even in the running for the bidding Google+ is shutting down and Google has no social platform besides YouTube and Blogger. While YouTube and Blogger are huge for Google, they are not business platforms driven social networks like LinkedIn. I will give it to Google while LinkedIn is a great business platform YouTube account for 1/3 of the Internet Traffic in the world.  

While I think when it comes to Business Apps Microsoft does win this round but it’s important to realize that Microsoft main consumer has and always has been the enterprise market.