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G Suite Vs Office 365 Round 2 – Business Apps 

gsuite vs office 365
When you compare to G Suite and Office 365 you can’t compare in house business apps at all for the simple fact Google really does not make any. While Google supports many more third-party apps then Office 365 hands down they do not make anything comparable to Office 365...
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Google Allo Last Day

google allo
Google said back in December that the messaging service Google Allo would be shut down at some point in March, and a banner across the official Allo website has confirmed that March 12th, 2019, was its last day in operation. A message on the home...
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App Marketing Ideas You Need To Try

Creating an app is only half the battle because it doesn’t matter how excellent your vision is if nobody downloads it, or even knows it’s there.  Nothing is more disheartening than putting all that time and effort into your work only to not see it...
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CryptSvc Problem After the May Windows 10 1803 Update

Windows 10 Version 1803
If you are using Windows 10 with and your Chrome or Firefox is stuck at “Establishing Secure Connection” you are probably a victim of this update issue. Microsoft Edge has no issue just third party browsers have the issue. The problem started with the April...
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Google Pixel 3 Review

google pixel 3
The Google Pixel 3 has been released as the yearly refresh for Google phones. While the Google Pixel 3 has had its publicly know issues of the music turning off during taking pictures, the notch space showing up on the side and the sound not...
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Chromecast Vs Android TV

The Chromecast and the Android TV are the two TV platforms that Google is offering in their fight to be a player in the TV market. While both are great platforms they are different in certain little ways. Android TV, for example, uses a remote...
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7 Tips To Remember Before Outsourcing Software Development Projects

Software Development Projects
In the current competitive marketplace, it has become essential for every business to automate and streamline all their complex processes by building different software solutions. More and more entrepreneurs are outsourcing their software development projects to professional offshore service providers. According to the well-known Indian...
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Top 10 Free Music Downloader Apps For Android

Apps For Android
Do you live music? Music is a language on its own that has its own vibrations, cure and love. It can surely turn you on if you are low, help you convert anger or even boost up your fun. Well listening and downloading music is...
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gsuite vs office 365 G Suite Vs Office 365 Round 2 – Business Apps 
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