• June 14, 2019

    Microsoft Releases Their Linux Kernel

  • The battle to lead in cloud computing narrows down to two key players of the internet named Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Both have made massive investments in their services and get profits of billions. “95% of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Azure while AWS (Amazon Web Services) has a hold on 62% of the market. As a result, AWS revenue got increased by times of Azure´s revenue.” Microsoft Azure, formerly called Windows Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform is the top vendor in the launched in 2010. Today it is available to 140+ countries across 54 regions, provides hundreds of services and best end-to-end tools. AWS launched in 2006; today spans 19 geographical regions around the world. It is an evolving and comprehensive cloud computing platform provided by Amazon. While Microsoft offers Platform As a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure As a Service (IaaS), and Software As a Service (SsaS), Amazon also provides all three major categories of Cloud computing. However, Microsoft Azure greatly deals with PaaS and SaaS. But, AWS IaaS services are divided into five different categories Storage, Database, Computes, Networking, and Content Delivery. According to Synergy Research Group, AWS is leading the public cloud infrastructure with 34% market share whereas Microsoft is at 14% market share, IBM Cloud at 7% and Google Cloud at 6% market share. “Thus, AWS stands out to be the first company offering pay-as-you-go cloud computing service model.” AWS vs. Azure: Basic Highlights Both companies offer similar services, such as microservices, DevOps, Big Data, and databases. So let’s first check basic things about both AWS vs Azure: AWS Basics Amazon’s AWS Infrastructure-as-a-Service has services in four different classes: Content storage and delivery Compute Networking Database Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) are the core platforms on which everything is...
  • The version of Google Chrome76 will display an install button when a Progressive Web App (PWA) is available. The move by Google is expected to help drive further adoption of the PWA platform being pushed by Google, Microsoft and other web browser developers. Google explains on their blog “In Chrome 76 (beta mid-June 2019), we’re making it easier for users to install Progressive Web Apps on the desktop by adding an install button to the address bar (omnibox). If a site meets the Progressive Web App installability criteria, Chrome will automatically show an install icon in the address bar. Clicking the button prompts the user to install the PWA.” Google goes on to explain to developers “If your PWA has use cases where it’s helpful for a user to install your app, for example if you have users who use your app more than once a week, you should be promoting the installation of your PWA within the web UI of your app.” Google explains there are three key ways you can promote the installation of a PWA app Automatic browser promotion, Application UI promotion and Inline promotional patterns. Google as of late has been very aggressive with changes to Chrome announcing they will be taking away adblocking apps, auto-playing ad videos and now adding PWA installs by default.
  • Spotify is really working hard to help their user base find the podcasts and music they want by rolling out a major update. Spotify has rolled out a feature to their Premium subscribers starting today that will split Your Library view on mobile into two separates categories music and podcasts. Spotify says in their blog post “Starting today, we’re introducing a new version of Your Library to Premium users that mixes form with function. Everything about the reimagined Library is designed to get you to the content you want faster. It also makes getting started and staying up-to-date with podcasts on Spotify a seamless, personalized experience.” Spotify new views for music and podcasts are split up into sub-categories for each content type that makes sense to users. The Music view has Playlists, Artists, and Albums tabs and Podcasts has Episodes, Downloads, and Shows. Spotify released a YouTube video explaining the change as well.
  • Microsoft announced today that Apple’s iCloud app is now available in the Microsoft Store for Windows 10. Apple put a lot of focus on iCloud at their WWDC conference, so it is not surprising that Apple would launch its new iCloud app for Windows 10 this week. Back in April of 2018, Apple launched iTunes in the Microsoft Store which looks to be the final version of iTunes. iCloud is home to iCloud Drive, iCloud Photos, Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Reminders and Safari Bookmarks which sync to Apple iPhones, iPads and Macs. Microsoft announced on their blog “The new iCloud for Windows app introduces a new iCloud Drive experience for Windows 10 users powered by the same Windows technology that also powers OneDrive’s Files On-Demand feature, enabling users to be more productive offline on mobile devices and quickly share files on iOS.” iCloud added some additional features to their client Access your iCloud Drive files right from File Explorer, without using up space on your PC Choose the files and folders you want to keep on your PC Safely store all your files in iCloud Drive and access them from your iOS device, Mac and on Share any file right from File Explorer and easily collaborate with others – edits will be synced across your devices iCloud for Windows is now available to download as an app in the Microsoft Store worldwide.
  • June 12, 2019

    What I Read on Apple News+

    Many of my readers have reached out to me and asked me what I read on Apple News+ so I started looking over what I read and it’s interesting to see how diverse my interests are as a reader and a writer. Popular Mechanics This is a magazine I have been a subscriber of since I was a kid and while I feel bad canceling my subscription there is no need for me to subscribe to both popular mechanics and Apple News+ since its part of my subscription. This magazine has really survived the test of time with how the world changes from cars, computers, internet, cell phones, and gadgets. This is one publication that has proven they can change with the times. Wired Wired is one magazine that I have subscribed to for what feels like forever since I got into computers and the internet. I remember I started reading this when Bill Gates was on the cover in the late 90s. They are one of the true tech magazines of the time. Esquire I always liked reading esquire ever since I was a teenager their tips on men’s fashion, grooming and entertainment have always been great to read and now their tech section is very well done. They are one of the longest running magazines of all time and while the writing has shifted a bit over the years, they still put out a great publication. Linux Format This is one magazine I have started reading religiously. I have been a Linux Journal subscriber for close to a decade but since I have started with Apple News+ I stopped my subscription to Linux Journal to save a little money since I am paying for Apple News+. I am a big Linux guy and this is a great publication...
  • Microsoft today announced the preorder of Microsoft To-Do for the mac via Twitter. Microsoft has been improving Microsoft To-Do across all platforms but has yet to ever put out a Mac App. It’s almost here! Pre-order the Mac app today— — Microsoft To-Do (@MicrosoftToDo) June 10, 2019 Microsoft To-Do is free or can be part of the Office365 package. On the app page on Apple’s website, the following features will be available on the launch date. Stay focused with My Day, a personalized daily planner with suggested tasks Get your lists anywhere, on any device Share lists and tasks with your friends, family, colleagues, and classmates Create color-coded lists Set one-time or recurring due dates and reminders Break your tasks into manageable steps Add notes to any task Attach files up to 25 MB to any task Sync your tasks between Outlook and To-Do Add multiple accounts and quickly switch between school, work, and personal lists The Microsoft To-Do app on the Mac is overdue with many Mac users complaining about using the web app that was offered by Microsoft since the web version of To-Do is slow to get as feature updates like the Windows 10 or mobile apps gets regularly.
  • There is much speculation as to why Google put out the Pixel 3a but here are the most noticeable reasons that I picked up on as to why Google released the Pixel 3a. Apple Success Apple has had major success in the sales area of the iPhone XR. There is no hiding the fact that while the iPhone XS is a great phone it’s very expensive and Apple needed something in that sweet spot price point that they have had so much success with over the years. Google just like Apple went up with the price of the Pixel 3 to $999 for a base model and there is no phone by Google in that sweet spot of 400-700 dollars. The Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL put them in that sweet spot to be competitive with Apples XR series. Pixel 3 Quality Issues The Pixel 3a is much cheaper than the Pixel 3 but unlike the Pixel 3, the Pixel 3a comes with 4 gigs of ram and not 3 like the first gen Pixel 3 this gives users incentive to trade in their phones and upgrade to a cheaper phone with fewer issues and more ram. Google Fi Google is desperately trying to get people onto Google Fi offering 50 percent off sales on the flagship Pixel 3 phone from $1000 to $500 dollars. The Pixel 3a will allow them to offer deals on Google Fi using a cheaper phone and offering better deals to get on Google Fi. Leftover Hardware No one has said this but I think part of the reason Google is doing Pixel 3a is they had extra hardware from the Pixel 2 launch. The Pixel 3a has very close to the same hardware specs as the Pixel 2 and I wonder if this...
  • Microsoft is rolling out a screen sharing a new feature for Skype on iOS and Android.  Skype now lets you screen share your phone’s screen with your friends on Skype without the need for a third-party solution or app. The feature works for iPhones running on iOS 12 or newer and uses the native Screen Recording feature on iOS to record your screen and stream it live on video calls. As for Android, it should work for devices running Android 6 or newer. Skype blog notes “Whether you have a last-minute meeting on the go, or your dad doesn’t know how to use his phone—screen sharing on Android and iOS lets you get it done from anywhere. Maybe you want to shop online with your best friends, or you need to collaborate with someone on the other side of the world from the comfort of your couch—no need to drag out the laptop! Simply start a Skype call, tap the brand new “…” menu, and start sharing your screen.” Skype went on to announce the redesign of mobile calling features. That brings features, like screen sharing, call recording, and subtitles to the new clutter-free design seamlessly. “A single tap will dismiss the call controls and let you fully experience the most essential Skype feature—a video call without any obstructions. Want to make it even cleaner? Try a double tap to remove it all. A single tap brings all the controls back, with everything you need the most at the front and center.” I think these features will be most useful for Skype Users on the go every day.