SiriusXM and Pandora Launch Pandora Now

pandora now
Pandora is bringing SiriusXM into the modern music age by first launching a new resigned app that was leaps and bounds over what SiriusXM had been using. Then SiriusXM live radio and OnDemand content became available on smart speakers which is something users have wanted...
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The Hottest Training Technologies That You Cannot Overlook

apple health
Technological innovations have revolutionized almost all areas of life, and training or exercising to achieve fitness is no exception. Technology has permeated the fitness industry in a big way, as can be seen through wearable technologies, fitness mobile apps, online tutorials, and training equipment. Below...
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How VPNs are helping people protect their privacy

As long as people have been going online to explore the internet, there have been bad folks out there looking to ruin that experience. We have all, at some time or another, probably been hit with some sort of virus. Using antivirus software to combat...
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How to Choose the Perfect Gaming Chair

gaming chair
Because of technology, you spend almost the entire day seated in front of your computer either working or playing. You spend so many hours sitting that an uncomfortable chair will keep you from enjoying your games or focusing on work. If you have a gaming...
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4 Technologies to Have for Your Small Business

small business
Whether you conduct your operations from home or work from an established office, running a small business can produce stressful circumstances and unforeseen obstacles. Having the right technology to help you through the day-to-day operations can alleviate some of these stresses and make you more...
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How does a POS System work?

pos system
A POS System is not a separate device – it is a set-up of devices that together ensure an efficient and easy checkout process. The set-up can of course vary enormously, depending on your brand choice, which payment methods you accept, whether you print paper...
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Microsoft HealthVault Was Doomed From Day One

Today on the show we get into Microsoft HealthVault and being shut down. We get into Google’s Health product and how it never took off and how Apple is now going to take over that market as well since its in the consumer space. We get...
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News on the Territory of the Net

Once upon a time, we had an online territory without borders. People staked their claim and put things in their spaces that needed safekeeping. They created passwords and verification locks. The territory grew at such a speed, however – with highwayman lurking to steal bounty...
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