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Guidebook To Computer and Smartphone Security

What is the goal of this book?

My goal with this book is to provide security knowledge that everyone should have to keep themselves safe in the technology age. The purpose of this book is to educate and teach computer and smartphone users about safety and security online.

Why no paperback version?

My goal with this book was to create an information textbook I could keep updating. I hate when I used to buy technical reference books and 6 months later the update came out and I would have to buy it again. I get it authors need to make money and releasing a Version a year keeps the book’s sales revenue coming in yearly. My goal has always been to release one book and keep it updated so every so often people can go back and look for the changes or added chapters at the end and feel like they got their moneys worth by the book being added to and not just some dead textbook they will open again. I will update this book so it will never be that book on the shelf you will never open.

Why LeanPub?

I picked Leanpub because one it is a great platform for technical books and digital purchases. Unlike Amazon and other platforms, I like how someone can pay what they want and the ease of being able to update the book is MUCH easier than Amazon and other platforms.

How often will the book be updated?

This question is a kind of a difficult one for me because it really depends on how often things change and how much more knowledge I gain. If I should to a security conference or a major technology breakthrough happens, I would sit down and update the book more than on a month where little to no security news came through on my Flipboard RSS feed. My main goal is to update this book yearly or semiyearly or when I think it’s needed.

Will the book ever be finished?

No, because security is always changing so there will always be updates needed to be done to the book.