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YouTube Red Originals Paying off For YouTube

youtube red original
YouTube Red now called YouTube Premium (I am still grandfathered in as a red user) has been pushing its original content hard and it’s paying off in a big way for YouTube. YouTube has two paid offering that gives access to their original content YouTube...
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Amazon Prime Has No Competition

Amazon recently became the number two most valuable company in the world deseating long-time number two Google (Alphabet Inc.). When you look at Apple a company that makes more than ¾ of their revenue from the iPhone they have competition in Android hard manufactures like...
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Who sells more smartphones?

I get Tweeted and messaged a lot by readers asking me about who sells the most smartphones, and which one is the best. Smartphones at times come down to preference and what you prefer to use day to day. I wanted to shed a little...
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Is YouTube Red the New Podcast App?

YouTube Red
Recently I have been using YouTube Red more and more and using iTunes less and less and this got me thinking. Is YouTube Red the new Podcast App? Let me explain YouTube Red is a monthly service for $9.99 a month offering Ad-free videos Uninterrupted...
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iTunes on Android Like iTunes For Windows

Looking through the Google Play store I noticed iTunes for Android. While I think this defiantly a changing Apple company I look at iTunes as still the hook that started off the Apple brand. If you remember when the Apple iPod released and the iMac...
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Google Allo vs. iMessage: Which one does it best?

There are so many IM apps around and it is difficult to decide which one to stick with for long term use. The latest in the town is Google Allo, which is giving tough competition to others. In this article we compare Allo and iMessage...
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Audible on Android vs Audible on iOS

So one of the things I have noticed since using my Google Pixel 2 is Audible on Android is very much different than the Audible App on iOS. To start I can actually purchase books through the app which is something you cannot do and...
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Google Pixel 2 Second Impression

google pixel 2
I have been using the Google Pixel 2 for about two weeks and so far, so good when it comes to using the phone. I really enjoy the Google Pixel 2 and how well it works. I am really getting into using the Android interface...
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