Office 365 and G Suite both have their strong suites but there are places they fall short. To start with Office 365 and G Suite are both strong in the email area both Office 365 and Gmail both do well when it comes to email where the two differ is messaging.

To start with Office 365 has Skype For Business and Microsoft Teams. While Google has Hangouts, Google Voice and Meets. While I have to say Hangouts is great and I have used it many times for podcasting it lacks the professional meeting and messaging features that Skype for Business offers its users.

Google Meets while easy to use lacks the collaboration piece that Microsoft Teams has and offers, which is more of a competitor for Slack while Google has no real program like Slack or Teams Google Hangouts and Meets is a competitor for Skype For Business. Google lacks the professional features of Skype at times but beats Skype hands down in ease of use for users.

Skype for Business users can set up and record online meetings for up to 250 people and broadcast meetings to up to 10,000 attendees. Skype streamlines caller management with its call forwarding and auto-attendant features. It also has a Skype Translator, a plugin that instantly translates voice and text. Google Meets supports between 30 – 100 people per session and lacks broadcasting and voting capabilities.

When it comes to SMS messaging it’s not even a contest for the simple reasons is Skype for Business or Teams cannot do SMS messaging. Why Microsoft? Is the question I ask? Google Voice offers both unlimited voice and SMS messaging. But Google Voice does lack an enterprise level solution where Microsoft can offer an enterprise level cloud-based phone system with Skype for Business, G Suite has nothing comparable while Google is adding this functionality it’s still in beta.

While both Office 365 and G Suite offer mobile apps, Microsoft offers a desktop client for all their services while Google you can use right through the web browser. I will say being a Google product hands down G Suite is tighter integrated but again lacks certain features but is a bit lighter and easier to use at times.

For messaging I would say G Suite is more for the mom and pop small business while Office 365 wins hands down for the Enterprise messaging.