Do you live music?

Music is a language on its own that has its own vibrations, cure and love. It can surely turn you on if you are low, help you convert anger or even boost up your fun. Well listening and downloading music is a way of living in today’s date. Irrespective of your age, origin or choice, music can act like medicine to bring people closer, cheer you up and bring out the best of you.

Today we are here to discuss the top 10 free music downloader apps for Android. Each of the app has its own features that will be appealing to you. Let us now get into the details of all these apps and get to know them one by one.

  1. 1.

Taking part in a hard competition among the huge number of applications for downloading songs, has managed well to bring itself to the point where it can satisfy most people by providing expected quality of all songs in approximation. Though most of the apps of music download does not permit its users to download the songs in mp3 file, the app of SONGily does. The main feature of this app is that it allows you to select music tracks from the list of Top Charts, look for music and play them online, and also allows free downloads of the tracks to be played with other apps or on other devices.

  1. Amazon Prime Music

In today’s market of online shopping, Amazon is known to be a big name at present. In addition to its online vendor where it provides you with anything you look for, Amazon has marked its existence in other fields as well. On Amazon Prime Music, you can create a playlist of your own that would be personalized as well as download songs. What is most appealing about Prime Music is that it comes with a built in support for Alexa that makes your experience with the app a whole lot better.

  1. Spotify Music

It is the most well known app for streaming and downloading music in the continents of America and Europe. In addition, it is also available in a few other countries like Australia and New Zealand as well as some countries of the Asian Continent. You can stream music at 320 kbps on this app. Spotify is known to have a huge collection of music where you can also create a playlist of your own. What is most unique for this app is that it lets you enjoy music without any apps.

  1. Download Mp3 Music

The Download Mp3 Music app lets you to download songs at free of cost as well. This app even allows you to share or transfer the music that you downloaded through this app for using them on other applications as well. Even the user interface for this app is free. The app is known to provide its users with music from all genres. But the entire thing that is negative about this app is that it is a bit slow and is known to have lots of pop up ads that cannot be avoided.

  1. Saavn Music & Radio

This app has a massive collection of all kinds of music in English and Hindi languages including huge library of Bollywood music and radio stations as well. You can choose to play songs as per your favorite artist and create your own playlist as well. This app has got both a free and a paid version. With daily updates of its contents, it produces a list of top weekly songs and also hosts a lot of live podcasts.

  1. Wynk Music

Since the time the app was first launched, it has made a lot of progress. With an interface that is quite user friendly and attractive, the Wynk music has grown to one of the most popular application on date. With a collection of more than 1.8 million songs in its library, the Wynk music can bring to you all kinds of songs based on various artists, genres and mood both from the old classics as well as new release items. If you purchase a premium subscription for this app, you can download unlimited songs and enjoy them without any ads.

  1. Gaana

This app is also known for its huge collection of songs, mainly from English and Bollywood background. Experts create 1000s of playlist for you to enjoy on this website. Gaana app also provides you with lyrics for Karaoke singing. The pro version of this app allows offline downloading of music and is free of ads. You can sync your download mp3 on up to 5 devices and provides high quality tracks.

  1. 4Shared

Apart from enjoying music from its huge collection of tracks, this app even lets you share your own collection with the other users. Loaded with over 5,000,000 tracks in its library, you are sure to find everything you can search for. What is unique about this app is that it entitles you a 15 GB f cloud space where you can add your downloaded music and enjoy them later.

  1. SoundCloud

All music lovers are aware of the fact that SoundCloud is one of the most popular apps for downloading mp3 on your Android device. And this app can provide you a lot more than just listening to music. It also comes with a huge collection of audio books and podcasts that you can enjoy. You can even upload your own works on this website and share them with the other users.

  1. Google Play Music

It is always a problem to squeeze out some extra space on your Android device to house some extra music app. Well Google Play Music saves you that pain. This comes inbuilt in all android devices and lets you enjoy free online streaming as well as download any track you wish. It is considered as the one stop destination for any music lover. You can purchase the pro features of this app and 6 members can enjoy the benefits of this app at very cheap rates.

Well we have discussed the top apps for free music download that are competing in the present market. Now it is up to you to explore them out and choose the one that is best for you. Though all the apps mentioned on the list are more or less of the same category, yet personal judgment is a must before you finally fix on any one app. Do your own research and enjoy.