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The Hottest Training Technologies That You Cannot Overlook

apple health
Technological innovations have revolutionized almost all areas of life, and training or exercising to achieve fitness is no exception. Technology has permeated the fitness industry in a big way, as can be seen through wearable technologies, fitness mobile apps, online tutorials, and training equipment. Below...
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Today’s Healthcare Call Center and the Role of Cloud Software

Dental, surgical, and radiological offices are vastly different operations. From equipment needs to uniquely skilled staffing considerations, the healthcare landscape is an ocean of individual nuances and quirks that may be hard to identify from the patient’s chair. Even though Americans make nearly one billion...
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Best post workout diets followed by the people in shape

After spending time in the gym- working out, where everyone is working sheer hard and perform better and better. But, most of the people don’t know that having a pre-workout meal is as important as a post-workout meal. Having the right food after your workout...
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Apple Watch Heart Health Events

apple health
February is American Heart Month and Apple is using their Apple Watch to get in on the fun. Apple will be offering Activity Challenges and heart health events at Apple Stores located in San Francisco, Chicago, and New York to educate consumers on their heart...
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EHS Programs When Utilized Right

Back in the old days, the internet was one of the most awesome things ever discovered. Before its advent, interests for personal computers and cell phones were not so common. Now, almost everyone has it, for ordinary citizens to keep up with life and catch...
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Health Hacking – Low Carbing

low carbing
I wrote a while back about my recent health hacking and my weight loss goal I have again recently changed the way I am doing things again to accommodate my lifestyle. So as I have mentioned in past articles I have a very busy life...
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Fitbit And Health Hacking

I figured it’s been a while since my last health update, so I figured I would just update everyone on my health. I recently upgraded to the Fitbit Charge 2 which was a major update from the Fitbit Flex 2. I have dropped weight from...
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Role of Technology in Beating Addiction

technology addict
Technology has proven to be an aid in every aspect of everyday life. It can be seen used in virtually every industry, for almost every task from mundane to complicated, and it is also being integrated into many lines of work to create more efficient...
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Tips On Choosing The Right Fitness App

fitness apps
If you have decided to lead a healthier life free of lifestyle diseases, then you must take some action to make this possible. You must get into action mode, and this must include some workouts and exercises. It also should be complemented by some changes...
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