Today, less and less people are using actual phone provider packages to stay in touch with friends through calls and texting. Apps have made such a big turn in the whole way we communicate to the extent we, as users, are looking for more features to make the communication even easier, quicker and more enjoyable. At moments it seems that using the usual ways to call or text might soon become a thing of the past same as landline phones are.

So I did research on what people are currently looking for in apps that enable chatting and after testing some apps it seems people focus most on apps that either have smooth video calls or free international calls. So my next step was to find the best apps that do just that. I got to say, it was a somewhat tiresome task as to test absolutely every app would take quite some time. Fortunately, I stumbled upon a top 10 list of apps for chatting I’d like to share.

The Best Apps For Chatting

I love how the list puts on the table the current most popular apps so it was really easy to filter out apps I’d like to test. I grouped them in apps I consider is the best for video chats and apps best for free international calling. This way, I hope the task of choosing the right app for you will be much easier.

Best Video Chat Apps

First on my list is Viber. I just like how easy it is to make video calls and how reliable they are. Rarely, if almost never do I get lags or disconnections as long as I have a decent connection. All you have to do is press video call and boom, you’re in. If you ask me, the main strength of Viber isn’t any special features (although it has some), but simply the reliability it provides. Which is no wonder considering how long the app has been on the market. It does have occasional hiccups, but naming flaws is pure cherry-picking. I guess the only possible flaw is it doesn’t have some neat extra features other have.

The second app I found to be great for video calls is Text Me. The great thing besides making video calls is the fact you can instantly create a free and completely new phone number. With it you can easily connect with other users and also make video chats. The quality is slightly worse than Viber (but still very good) and the fact you can have an alternative number in an instant will probably appeal to some users. The main problem I encountered was when I tried to call a couple of friends who live abroad. With some of them, I could get in touch, while with some it was just impossible. I don’t know why, but it seems it depends on in which country the person is located. So just keep in mind you might not call anyone with the extra number.

Apps For Making Free International Calls

In this category, I also have two apps I like the most. The first one is called TalkU. I found some minor limitations to the app, like for example, completely free calls are somewhat limited, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the cheap offers. For about $6 you can get a number and call as much as you want anywhere. If nothing else, that’s definitely cheaper than any package from any telecommunication provider. The downside is I don’t find the app to be completely polished. The idea is definitely there, but it’s not as stable. I’m not saying is bad, but if you’re bothered by occasional lags, it might not be the best. By no means do they happen often, but occasionally they happen and they are easily fixed. Imagine it like a fly that comes to buzz around your ear for a moment and then goes away. Also, if you want to hide your real number, it needs a bit more manual work.

Finally, we have Calls & Text by Mo+. Although not the most original name, it is good enough to be mentioned in the review. You can make unlimited free calls with anyone you want and there’s also a cool feature called walkie-talkie that allows you to make quick audio snippets and send them the moment you’re done. You only need to be sure you have at least some connection as the entire communication is done via the Internet. I’d recommend this one to people who don’t feel like they are tech-savvy. So if you need a simple app that does its job and is user-friendly, it’s a great choice. You just need to make sure you have Internet around or on your device. That’s it.


So there you go, these are my top picks for video calls and free international calls. I hope you’ll find at least one of these apps useful same as I did. If not, you can always check the before-mentioned list and see if you find an app that’s more to your liking. But no matter which one you choose, I think it will definitely save you some cash so you can spend it on something else besides mobile phone bills.