Microsoft HealthVault shutting down in November

Microsoft is again getting out of the consumer space by shutting down Microsoft HealthVault and focusing their health efforts more on the enterprise side. Microsoft emailed out information about the HealthVault shut down to users saying “The Microsoft HealthVault service will be shut down as...
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How ACOs can help in saving money of the patients

ACO get formed by a group of health care providers which are hospitals, physicians, and others who come together to provide quality health care service to the patients. The main goal of the group is to provide the right care at the right time and...
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5 Free Conference Calling Solutions

skype whatsapp
Connecting with business associates, colleagues, and acquaintances who are scattered in different locations is no longer an issue. Thanks to the wonderful conference calling solution which has made it possible for teams to communicate and team up with each other at any time and from...
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There Is A Shoe For Everything

Today on the show Brandon wants to know why there is a shoe for everything. We get into news about New York and taxes. Brandon gets into some new books he is reading and new TV shows to watch. We get into Avengers tickets being...
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4 Reasons Why You Should Use Bluetooth Earpieces

Everywhere we go, people have something plugged in their ears. Ranging from huge headphones to colorful earpieces. With innovation in the tech sector, Bluetooth earpieces showed up on the market scene and they have been hugely popular since then. With Bluetooth earpieces, you can talk...
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Slack Announces New Integrations with Office 365 Apps

slack office 365
While Slack has supported Azure Active Directory previously today Slack announced on their blog support for Microsoft’s Office 365 apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive and Outlook. Slacks new integration with Office apps and files, includes a new Outlook calendar and mail app, an updated...
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Spotify Missing the Hulu Family Plan

spotify hulu
Spotify and Apple have been at odds over the last year or two over different issues related to the iPhone, Apple Watch and unfair practices by Apple. Those issues aside Apple has been trying to rev up their services and offerings with Apple Music by...
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Skype Adds Support For 50 Users In Group Chat

Skype is really rolling out the new features and giving users the improvements, they want including doubling the number of users that you can group call at once from the 25-user limit to the now a 50-user limit. I have to say I would be...
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Why companies adopting SAFe Framework?

safe framework
In today’s competitive world, every software development team aim at providing better software products that would bring about change in the markets.  IT organizations have come up with several ideas to help the teams to up their software quotient. Currently, based on the Lean and...
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Today’s Healthcare Call Center and the Role of Cloud Software

Dental, surgical, and radiological offices are vastly different operations. From equipment needs to uniquely skilled staffing considerations, the healthcare landscape is an ocean of individual nuances and quirks that may be hard to identify from the patient’s chair. Even though Americans make nearly one billion...
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