Today’s Healthcare Call Center and the Role of Cloud Software

Dental, surgical, and radiological offices are vastly different operations. From equipment needs to uniquely skilled staffing considerations, the healthcare landscape is an ocean of individual nuances and quirks that may be hard to identify from the patient’s chair. Even though Americans make nearly one billion...
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Apple Lowers Price of The HomePod

homepod price
The Apple HomePod is not the hot seller that Apple expected. Unlike the AirPods, Apple Watch and Apple Music which did very well for Apple the HomePod has been a tough sell for the company. Unlike the Amazon Echo and the Google Home which sell...
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Apple News+ Review

Apple news plus
Apple had their big event and despite all the new services they announced only one is available today and that is Apple News+. The magazine feature of Apple News+ is not new actually Apple purchased a company named Texture back in March of 2018. By...
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Microsoft Closed Ebook Store

Today on the show we talk about another step in Microsoft getting out of the consumer electronics business by closing their Ebooks store. We get into Apple announcing a credit card you can’t get the week after they announce new hardware. We talk about the iTunes match...
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Vince McMahon Trying The XFL Again Why?

Vince McMahon Trying The XFL Again Why? Today on the show we talk about the Hanna Montana kickback. Wendy Williams has baby mama drama. Vince McMahon starting the XFL backup. Fox has a big Friday night lineup change coming in the fall. We talk about...
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What are the Benefits of a Hybrid Cloud Solution?

hybrid cloud
Cloud Hosting service has become extremely popular across all industry spaces and business domains. With its wide range of benefits and usage flexibility, Cloud Hosting offers a hosting infrastructure like never before. Cloud Hosting solutions can be either public or private. While a Public Cloud...
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What is it That Attracts Hackers to a Website?

You might think that a hacker would not be bothered with your website, after all, there is nothing of real value on a small business website, surely? Wrong! There are a number of reasons why a hacker might target a small business website, or even...
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How to Clean Computer – The Simple Tips

Yes! It can be a very frustrating moment when your computer starts slowing down. Unfortunately, when you want to work on your computer, sometimes it won’t, this moment is quite disgusting. So, you should need to know how to clean up your computer and what...
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Leave JLO Alone

Today on the show Brandon talks about his experience buying a new truck. We get into spring baseball and all the drama of JLo and her love life over the years. We talk about Fox News and their crazy stories that are like tabloids. We...
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The Best Email Service Providers

Email service providers (ESPs) help businesses manage an email account and specific email marketing campaigns. They do this by providing easy-to-use formats with professional looking designs. ESPs can be a powerful tool for businesses, so it’s important to know which ones on the market are...
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