Twitter Blue got released in November of 2021 and I wanted to wait to review it as I thought there would be more features coming and I am sure there are it’s just a matter of when. There have been talks of possible profile features being added and Tweetdeck features coming for Twitter Blue that remain to be seen.

Undo Button

To start with the Twitter Blue Big feature is the runway for tweets. I know many readers are going to say runway. Yes, I said runway it’s not Undo unlike what Twitter says. The feature is not an edit button, and it doesn’t actually undo live tweets. It only adds a timer to the post button. Once a tweet goes live, you can only delete and repost it to make an edit you cannot undo It. I will say if you’re an emotional tweeter it buys you a minute of runway to proofread and undo your tweet.

Ad-Free Articles

This feature allows you to read some of the top publications without advertisements. When you sign up for Blue, you unlock a new section in the app where you can view a list of all supported websites. Big names like the Verge, Vox, Deadline Hollywood, 9to5Google, Hollywood Reporter, USA Today, Billboard, and many big media companies have joined. The list has gotten bigger since the service release and I am sure will continue to grow.

Customize Themes and App Icons

Twitter Blue lets you change your Twitter icon on your phone to select colorful icons and limited-time icons on certain occasions for things like holidays. You can additionally change your color theme on the app.

Custom Navigation

Another cosmetic feature that I like is being able to change your bottom navigation you can rearrange Explore, Spaces, Notifications, Messages, Bookmarks, Lists, Profile, Top Articles, Monetization, and Communities into the arrangement of your choice.

Top Articles

Do you remember to nuzzle, do you remember they got bought by Twitter, well it’s back in the form of Top Articles. This feature compiles up to 25 articles shared by accounts you follow in the past 24 hours allowing you to see topics getting shared the most by the users you follow.

Reader Mode

Again, remember Threader Twitter bought them and shut them down. This service is back in the form of Twitter Blue. The service allows users to compile long Twitter threads into an easy-to-read view by clicking on a thread, a new Reader button will appear, enabling you to convert it into an article-like page.


I think some of the features are very useful and I enjoy I think Twitter did the right thing by pricing the service at $2.99 for most people that’s through away money and I think this will help them generate more revenue by offering premium features at a lower price point.