Making video content go viral is every marketer’s dream. However, most marketers don’t integrate their efforts towards making a video viral. It is essential to understand that no single formula makes a video go viral. Several factors come into play when a video gets viral on social media.

While there is no go-to strategy for making your content viral, you must pass a few checks if you want to make your video viral. You must try to stick to most of these parameters as they increase your chance of getting viral.

What is a viral video?

When a video takes off on social media and becomes popular among the people using the platform in a very short time, the video is said to have gone viral. These videos receive an unusual amount of engagement in likes and shares. However, other content forms like tweets, posts, etc., can go viral, too, but videos have a greater chance of getting viral.

There are thousands of videos out there. If you have something quite different from what others are offering, your video will only get viral. It would help if you had a go-to strategy for making your video content viral on social media.

Tips on creating a viral video

A viral video must be creatively shot but editing the video is equally important. You can use an online video editor to edit your videos without hassle. Apart from recording and editing the videos, there are other steps to making a video viral. Some things that you can consider are:

Decide on a brief

Before you start shooting your video, you need to plan and strategize everything. It would be best if you created a storyboard of the idea that you have in mind so that you can articulate an entire brief for the video that you are about to shoot. When you formulate a brief, the goals and the objectives of creating a particular video come out very clearly. It would help if you also decided on factors like the length of the video, tone, distribution strategy, etc. when you are drafting a brief for a video. Only when your video has a direction is it possible to get viral.

Try to get to know your audience

Your video will never go viral if your targeting has gone wrong. If your video has elements that a teenager will enjoy and you promote it to people who are double that age, they might not understand the video. They will not share the videos in closed circles, and hence the reach of the video will not increase. Therefore, it is very important to reach out to the right people with your video.

You need to conduct small research to develop ideas that will resonate with your target audience and then start shooting your video. You can also create an empathy map to understand your target customers better.

Finalize your goal

You might be trying to create a video that goes viral, but you should know the answers to some questions. Why are you creating the video? Understanding that you want your content to go viral is not enough. You will have to build a direction and a base for all of your efforts and finalize a goal. Why do you want to get your video viral? You might be looking for brand awareness or increasing the consumption of your products or services. Every purpose will give a different direction to your videos. Therefore, you need to decide on your goals before posting your videos on any social media channel.

Begin strong

Your video must create a significant impact if it wants to get viral. It would be best to feel the viewers were involved with you whenever you created a video. Research shows that video with words like ‘you’ and ‘your’ perform relatively better and have a high retention rate. It would help if you tried to introduce these words in the early seconds of the video.  

You need to develop a powerful narration if you want to drive any impact. You can start with making relatable content as people love the videos if they resonate with them. You can also create videos that have a plot twist. You can also make an entire series of these videos so that people will look forward to your content. While promotional videos serve important purposes for a business, they don’t have the potential to get viral unless you introduce a brand-new product that has never been seen before. Your videos should have good music and should be well-edited.

Indulge in storytelling

The art of storytelling works quite well in the case of videos. Whenever people narrate stories, there are high chances that people would relate to them. Also, when a story is being told, all the parts are woven so beautifully that it sticks together to create an everlasting impact.

If you have a good story, you should devise ways to bring the script to action. When you use storytelling in your videos, the videos will be mid-length. You can go with universal concepts where you will not take a lot of time explaining the video concept. Make sure that the video you make is spontaneous, and it does need a lot of background as then it will lose its charm. When your audience resonates with a story, there are great chances of the video being shared in their closed network.


You must consider several things if you are planning to make your content viral. Video discoverability is the most important thing for making a video viral. You must create short and crisp videos to grab the viewers’ attention. You must also try to add captions to the videos to make them more accessible. Also, the copy that you write for the video should be solid and impactful. The titles should be catchy enough to improve searchability. It would be best if you also tried to use hashtags to increase the reach of your content. When you push the video and add some promotional efforts to make your video viral, there are high chances of positive results.