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7 Most Common macOS Sierra Problems and Solutions

macos sierra
With recent macOS upgrade Apple has tried to offer some amazing features to users with quality experience. Though it was considered a useful upgrade but still it is not free from its own issues. In this article, we have discussed some common macOS Sierra issues...
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5 Best Ways to Improve Mac Performance

Improve Mac Performance
If you conduct a Google search on the ways to improve Mac performance, you will find a number of suggestions. While some of these suggestions could actually work but in turn you will have to spend all your time, trying all these recommendations. But if...
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Who sells more smartphones?

I get Tweeted and messaged a lot by readers asking me about who sells the most smartphones, and which one is the best. Smartphones at times come down to preference and what you prefer to use day to day. I wanted to shed a little...
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Must have iOS Apps for Every College Student

Must have iOS Apps for Every College Student Downloading apps make the college life simpler and enjoyable. They help to meet your deadlines plus you stay connected to the people who matter the most. Many apps are free or affordable which can be great news...
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Roku Ultra VS Apple TV 4K – The Final verdict!

roku vs apple tv
We all know how much our lives have changed, once the advent of streaming devices! Our lives where no more shaped around the favorite channels or shows of ours! We didn’t have to miss a day or two of our show, because we had stuff...
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iTunes on Android Like iTunes For Windows

Looking through the Google Play store I noticed iTunes for Android. While I think this defiantly a changing Apple company I look at iTunes as still the hook that started off the Apple brand. If you remember when the Apple iPod released and the iMac...
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Google Allo vs. iMessage: Which one does it best?

There are so many IM apps around and it is difficult to decide which one to stick with for long term use. The latest in the town is Google Allo, which is giving tough competition to others. In this article we compare Allo and iMessage...
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Apple HomePod Delay Helps Sonos and Invoke

Apple HomePod
Apple recently announced that their new smart speaker the Apple HomePod which was announced on June 5, 2017, and slated to be released for the holiday shopping seasons was delayed. Apple has said the HomePod will be available in Australia, the UK, and the US...
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5 Facts About iPhone X

iphone 10 facts
The iPhone X was unveiled at an event at the Apple Campus earlier in October and the CEO has called it “the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone”. The screen is different, the stainless steel used is different, it charges faster and has an...
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