Apple See Season One on AppleTV+ has been a big hit for them considering they have renewed the show for a second season. According to online sites, season two will cost an estimate of over 200 million to produce if the show only has 8 episodes again that’s 25 million an episode give or take. Apple has renewed For All Mankind and The Morning Show for second seasons as well going forward meaning they must have had good viewership numbers. The Morning Show was renewed before the first season even went live on Apple’s new AppleTV+ service which I found interesting.

The show See itself felt very Game of Thrones like with a complex storyline at times and might I add an anticlimactic season finally. While the ending was good the two main villains lacked a lot of character development and the twist at the end with Jerlamarel I felt was kind of weird. The witch hunter who was the main villain the entire series got taken down by what I felt was an unexpected twist and a lucky shot. For most of the season we all wanted to see him go one on one with Jason Momoa and that never really happens in an unexpected letdown.

Then we get to Jerlamarel who they made to seem like a god of sorts the entire series. Then the last two episodes you find out that basically he was just a guy who likes to sleep around and have children with women. Jerlamarel has a vision in his mind that since he can see he is superior and is doing people a favor by giving them children who can see. Honestly, the show is amazing and makes a lot of sense and has this Game of Thrones feel until the season finally when all this revealed. I actually liked the show more before the final episode, if they would have left how the children’s got their ability to see a mystery I believe the show would have been better. While the show itself is amazing and very watchable the last episode made you kind of scratch your head. Jerlamarel who we thought was a god is just a dead beat dad who checks in on his kids from time to time and brings them gifts. Again scratching my head.

Jason Momoa plays a great character. He embodies the role of a believable tough guy killer with his size, attitude, and killing style he makes it believable. Jason Momoa makes this blind father and husband character so great by turning him into this unstoppable force that will do anything to protect his family and friends from any trouble that comes there way. When watching Jason Momoa on See you get the feeling of “Wow I don’t want mess with this guy” feeling as he makes the character come off the screen. He makes being blind look easy as he is able to kill pretty much anything in his path he is the perfect pick for the roll.

Hera Hilm and Sylvia Hoeks booth play a very strange role as estranged sisters of royalty. That leave a storyline and backstory to hopefully be more developed. While we know some backstory more on the Jerlamarel part and how he fits in would be interesting to know.

Overall I really liked the series I will defiantly watch a season 2. Do I think it’s as good as Game of Thrones? No, but the series itself is very watchable and I really enjoyed it despite a few nitpicks about the storyline and character creation, but in defense of the show, they must leave some room storyline next season. Which will be released in late 2020 or early 2021.