The Dropout is the latest weekly Hulu original to finish up and it’s getting rave reviews from fans and critics which is well deserved. While the story of Theranos is epic enough the creative liberties, writing, and casting were great. This was one series that really gave you that “I can’t wait till next week” feeling.

Theranos was a tech startup and while at times Silicon Valley culture of fake it till you make it can last a while they had nothing and continued to make it look like they had something. Taking money under false pretenses is fraud. Plus their inaccurate test results really harmed people physically and emotionally.

Amanda Seyfried is an amazing actress and really worked hard to make fans feel like she was Elizabeth Holmes. Many actors and actresses say playing a part is hard playing a person is even harder because everyone is their own person in their own ways. Amanda Seyfried said on a talk show it took her months to get Elizabeth Holmes’s voice right.

Naveen Andrews plays Holmes’s long-time boyfriend Sunny Balwani and Naveen made Sunny look and act cool on screen. When you look at the real Sunny Balwani he looks anything but cool. Kind of like how Justin Timberlake made Shawn Parker look cool in the Social Network movie. Naveen Andrews admitted to gaining twenty pounds for the role to try and make himself look more the part.

The musical director for The Dropout did an amazing job picking songs like I’m In A Hurry (And Don’t Know Why) by Alabama, We Run This by Missy Elliott, and many others were great songs picked and placed in the right scenes in the series. The importance of the music emphasizes Holme’s wanting to be like Steve Jobs feeling even more and how important music and Jobs were to her every day.

The entire series is really well written and while it does not cover everything in the company’s history it highlights the big events, corporate culture, secrecy, and fraudulent things the company did in eight one-hour episodes. I do think that they could have had another episode or two because there is much more the company did that was not spoken about but I think all watchers got the point.

I really enjoyed watching The Dropout on Hulu I think this is a hit series for Hulu and will help them grow their subscriber base. I can see many users signing up just to watch this series. The series is a once-and-done in the context of there can’t be a second season but this is a big hit for Hulu.