• Windows is not primarily known for their mobile phones and there are quite many reasons for it. However, their latest addition, the HP Elite x3 promises to change this course and be your all-in one phone for every computing need you may have. This phone truly proves the words of the bench makers when they said, “Phone for PC”. You might be wondering to know more and more about this latest innovation of Windows and we won’t disappoint you. Here is the honest and detailed review of the HP Elite x3 that you should check out to understand better. The Review of HP Elite x3 Specs The HP Elite x3 is of 5. 96 inch which is larger than other phablets and has a resolution of 2,560x 1,440. The screen has a protection of Corning Gorilla Glass 4 and a sharp contrast of the AMOLED panel. It is waterproof up IP67and has an 810G military spec making it highly durable. It also has 64GB storage with a 4GB RAM and a Qualcomm Adreno 530 GPU that is integrated in the Snapdragon chip. It has a battery of 4, 150 mAh. Features This is truly the all-in- one phone which can also transform into a laptop known as the Mobile Extender. The newest HP Elite phablet that can be easily bought in affordable rates availing the CouponDekho x3 transmits and powers Windows 10 through miracast. Therefore, you can have a desktop anywhere you want to. This device also manages to install up to 10 apps from the cloud which is quite impressive. There is an iris scanner, fingerprinting scanner system to log you in as well. Pros The HP Elite x3 does change the tide of windows mobile phones and is truly an all-in- one phone. Here are the pros, Advanced...
  • HTC, the famous Taiwanese company has again launched their latest addition to the Desire family, the HTC One X9. Even if the series of Desire phones might not be your first choice, it has been stated that HTC One X9 has broken all the limits and is one of the best ones of the family. Here is a review of this smart phone which is currently fighting an impressive battle with its competitors like OnePlus 3, Xiaomi Mi 5 and others. Go through this page to peek into the amazing features of this advanced smartphone: The Review The HTC One X9 has had some impressive changes in its hardware, software and its display. Here is a sneak peek into the same: Design– HTC One X9 has a similar design along the line of its family but it has an all metal rear with premium handset. There is a Corning Gorilla Glass shield with dual speaker grillies on the front panel. The camera has a deal LED flash, a 5.5 inch super LCD display of 401 ppi. The audio jack is of 3.5 mm. there is also a dual HTC BoomSound speaker along with Dolby Audio Surround for high graphic videos. Software Specifications– This phone has a power of ediaTek Hello X10 processor along with a 3GB Ram and 32 GB inbuilt storage which can be expanded to 2TB with an SD card. The camera is of 3 megapixels for the rear while for the front, it is of 5 megapixels. It has a quick charging support with 3000mAh battery. Its Sense UI is of Android 6.0 Marshmallow which is extremely user friendly and advanced. Performance– The HTC One X9 is powered by Helio X10 SoC. This phone has a score o 4462 3S Mark Ice Storm unlimited. The camera of...
  • The laptops are the highly portable computers serving us to complete our day-to-day tasks. Unlike the desktops, the Laptops have a shorter life span, and they’ve to be upgraded time to time. The Laptops are not upgradable at full extent; that’s why we have to purchase a new laptop to replace the older one. Choosing the Best Laptop is quite a complicated task. We have to take care of multiple factors before buying a brand new laptop. It is not easy as purchasing groceries for your home. If you are thinking to purchase a new laptop, then you should know the things to consider before buying a new laptop. In this post, we will share the essential things to consider before buying a new laptop from the store. Things to Consider Before Purchasing a New Laptop Brand: If you are purchasing a laptop for the first time, then it is highly advised to check out the branded laptops. The Branded laptop comes with the after-sales benefits and good build quality. There is a guarantee with the branded laptops which will help you to get technical support for the laptop. There are many top laptop brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc. who sell the laptops. The Best Laptop Brands have the many laptop series available for the customers. So, you have to check out the laptops according to the design and the specifications. Use: Before purchasing any laptop, you should know how you are going to use it. If you are looking for a laptop to do the basic office stuff, watching movies and surfing the internet, then the entry level laptops are good to fulfill your needs. If you are looking to play high-end games on the laptop, then you should go for the Gaming laptops, as the basic laptops...
  • October 19, 2016

    4 Gadgets and Apps Every Techie Needs

    As technology becomes more prevalent, it becomes more difficult to determine which tools are essential and which qualify as little more than decoration. Naturally, that definition varies greatly depending on your interests. For the tech-obsessed, that means having the coolest, most potentially useful apps and gadgets. Of course, not all awesome tools come with golden guilt around them. As you’ll soon see, some go almost entirely unnoticed when they’re doing their jobs properly. If you have serious tech needs, this list is for you. Virtual Private Network On the less glamorous but extraordinarily useful end, we have the Virtual Private Network (VPN). This is a service that everyone should already be using but is chronically underutilized. Some of that has to do with a reluctance to pay a monthly subscription for a security service, while in other cases it’s simply because few people even know what a VPN is or does. A VPN is a service that lets you access the internet through a remote server. Most subscriptions run around $10 a month depending on your plan. That’s barely more than a couple of cups of coffee. Yet the benefit is huge: VPNs encrypt your online traffic and make you invisible to hackers, trackers and government censorship. What’s more, VPNs have their IP addresses based on their locations. This is why you’re anonymous while using one, but it also comes with another great perk. Regionally locked content such as some YouTube videos and Netflix when you’re traveling can be experienced in full. For a full guide on where to get a VPN and how to set it up, Secure Thoughts is a good place to start. Smartwatch A bit of a forewarning on smartwatches: paying a lot doesn’t necessarily get you better or more useful features. In fact, many of...
  • September 28, 2016

    MagicJack Review

    I recently moved over my home phone over to MagicJack. This whole move started a little over a year ago. I had a verizon land line that I was hardly using and spending $65 dollars a month on and only using when my cell phone had no reception. I then had the bright idea to move over my phone service to my internet service providers. My ISPs phone service which was $40 dollars a month cheaper than the 65 dollars I was paying but still too expensive for just a phone. I then started looking around and the MagicJack caught my eye basically because of the great price. I could buy a piece of hardware for $35 dollar and have unlimited calling with no long distance for an entire year compared to the 65 or 40 dollars I was spending a month. After the year was over I could spend $55 dollars to renew my MagicJack subscription for another year and it was still cheaper then what I was paying. When I got the device home the setup was very basic on MagicJacks site just creating an account, picking a local phone number and activating the device. After the setup is done you can disconnect the device from the computer and hook it up to wall outlet as long as ethernet and phone wire are attached everything works. Another great feature of the device is the app for iPhone and Android which allow you to make wifi calls from anywhere you have wireless or cell phone service. VoIP is the wave of the future and MagicJack has it all figured out and simplified for ease of use for their users. When using MagicJack I found the sound quality very clear I had no interrupted service or anything so far everything...
  • September 4, 2015


    The question I always get email is do I go DirectTV or Dish. Lets compare the 2 side by side using the respected $19.99 a month plan offered by both companies. Satellite Company DIRECTV DISH Plan Select plan 130+ channels Popular Channels Included 1 year commitment Smart Pack 55+ channels Sports Package Included 2 year commitment Bundles verizon At&T century link internet and phone Premium Channels HBO and Showtime free for first 3 months. HBO and Showtime free for first 3 months. Cost of  receiver Receivers cost between $69 and $399. Monthly $6 fee for additional receivers. Certain receivers included free under certain plans. Hopper HD DVR is included free all but one of the plans $19.99 (this one), or available for a $99 upgrade from the basic plan. $10/month whole-home DVR fee.* Cost of receiver service $10/month for first 2 years. $20/month thereafter $6/month. Additional $10/month for HD service. Basic DVR is available for Smart Pack with $7 monthly DVR Service fee.* Installation Free installation. Free installation on up to 6 TVs. When you look at what you are being offered DirectTV offers free install which is I am sure huge selling point. Even though Dish is offering less channels there throwing in sports package with DirectTV charges for with there packages. The hopper on dish is not free on 19.99 month plan but again that’s there huge selling point. Overall when you look at it yes both plans offer different things which in the end works out price and value wise about equal.
  • August 20, 2015

    CD Quality vs MP3 Quality

    When I go to the mall I always see kids listening to their iPhones threw there Beats head phones. I watch TV ads and they brag about the quality of the headphones. I agree beats are great and iPhone ear buds are fun but what people do not realize is that the music sounds great but not as great as it could be if you were using cd quality. CD audio is digitally sampled at 44kHz, which sampling theory says can capture any frequency up to 22kHz – the upper limit of human hearing. The volume levels are then quantized into 16-bit quantities, which can represent 65,536 discrete values for the loudness. 24-bit audio is often sampled at 96kHz or 192kHz; those 24 bits can represent 16.7m discrete loudness values. By contrast MP3s are compressed by an algorithm that throws away parts of the sound that long laborious testing determined could not actually be heard. What was very apparent is just how bad a poor-quality MP3 sounded, how good a 320kbps MP3 and CD sounded. Hi-res music is currently available but it costs more than a standard MP3 file. The other issue is size for an album which takes up around 2 and 5GB of storage space. MP3 typically take up around 5MB per track. More devices support hi-res music Samsung, Sony, LG and Apple already selling music players and smartphones capable of playing 24-bit music. Apple, Amazon and Spotify offer similar hidef-reserves that offer 320kbps but with caped data plans by phone carriers by default these options are not selected you have to go into settings and bump them up to 320 kbps. After experimenting with both CDs and MP3 and reading about the Fletcher Munson Curve an MP3 played at 320kbps is about on par with CD Quality...
  • January 9, 2015

    Heart rate Monitors Accuracy

    More wrist-based heart rate monitors are hitting the market, letting you gauge your fitness with a quick read of your pulse.,2817,2404445,00.asp But as Sharon Profis discovered after a visit to the doctor, these optical monitors may need more R&D. There may be a problem with your fitness tracker: it could be misreporting your pulse. You can find the results below, but it seems the optical sensing technology used in many of today’s new, wrist-based mobile heart rate monitors is sometimes inaccurate. That’s in comparison to time-tested EKG machines (or the heart rate monitors that emulate them), which sense the electrical impulses that trigger your heartbeats.
  • My latest build project. I found the project relatively easy a few day project doing it at night after work. There was a lot of soldering and involved and wire stripping over all it was a very easy project and well worth the time. The parts and materials are of good quality and easy to work with. Very much enjoyed the project. From The Box Assembly of this XP-15 Regulated Variable Power Supply Kit will prove to be an exciting project and give much satisfaction and personal achievement. If you have experience in soldering and wiring technique, you should have no problem following the detailed instructions that are provided and successfully assembling of this kit. The Variable Voltage Power Supply Kit is a handy portable power supply with a variable output voltage of 15VDC. Specifications: Input voltage – 120VAC, Output voltage – 1.25 – 15VDC, Output Current – 0.5A @ 8V, 0.3A @ 12V, 0.2A @ 15V, Short Protected IC Thermo, Mounted in a rugged Bakelite case.Made in the United States.