A laptop is an expensive piece of equipment. Due to its portability and small size, it allows us do all kinds of tasks even on the go. It allows us use it more comfortably than desktop computers. If you are a student, professional or animator or artist, you need a laptop for so many different reasons. Even the best laptops for drawings and animation works with all the advanced capabilities and configurations need good care for lasting long. Thankfully, there are many ways to make that possible. Here are eight ways to make sure that your laptop lasts longer:

Handle The Laptop Delicately

You need to check the straps of your laptop bag regularly to make sure they are intact. Many people have damaged their laptops when their bag straps broke and the laptop hit the ground hard. You also need to walk carefully in crowded places making sure that people do not bump into your laptop all the time. If you are traveling with it in your car, do not put it in the trunk unless it is in a well-padded bag so that the padding can absorb all the shock.

Stop Exposing The Laptop To Extreme Temperatures

Do not keep your laptop exposed to extremely hot or cold temperatures. On the contrary, keep it in well-regulated areas. Keep the fan inlets clear because the inner parts of the laptop are cooled by air. At the same time, do not keep hot or cold drinks too close to the laptop because spills are responsible for most laptop damages in the world. Never, by any mistake, put your laptop in the fridge. Do not use it in the brazen sunshine.

Use Your Laptop Correctly

If you treat your laptop nicely, it will last a long time and serve you well. You should know how to use it correctly. When inserting power cords, USB cables and devices, wireless cards and other hardware in their respective ports, insert them gently. Likewise, when removing them, stop yanking or pulling them out too hard. That can damage the laptop ports.

When you are done using all the cords – adapter, USB and others, wrap them around your finger carefully, in a circular motion or in an 8-shape. That prevents the cords from cracking and they will last a long time. Store the adapter in its respective compartment so that it does not press onto the laptop screen too much.

Always Know Where Your Laptop Is All The Time

This means being aware of where your laptop is all the time. It also means making sure that our laptop parts are not switched. Just take a felt pen and label every removable part of the laptop. You should also include a significant mark on your laptop bag so that it is not switched by mistake when you are traveling.

When boarding a plane, bus or train, have the laptop in your carryon bag, and keep it where you can see it all the time. Have a tag with your name and email address. You should have some form of identification on the laptop such that if it is lost, you can be contacted.

Take Care Of The Battery

For most laptops, the battery is the first part to usually give up. To extend the life of your battery, when you are not going to use the laptop for some time, make sure it is fully charged. Remove it and store it in safe place, away from children and direct sunlight. Just put it back when you have to use the laptop. Never knock the battery against something, never try it on a different computer and most importantly, check the voltage before buying a new adapter. If you are a writer, you need one of the best laptops for writers. And having a long battery life is what everybody wants.

Caring For Your Computer Software

Software is an integral part of your computer. If you use bad software, it is going to make your computer vulnerable to phishing, viruses, malware, spyware and other ills. It is also going to affect how your computer works; causing frequent freezing and interrupting your work. Try as much as possible to use “factory settings” for things like screensavers, operating system and many more. Downloading some of these applications consumes your computer resources and if you do not get them from a credible source, they may come with malware.

Keep your data backed up all the time, on cloud and at least one other place. That way, should your computer become vulnerable, you will still have your data intact.

Don’t Let Computer Problems Build Up

Over the time that you will use your computer, several problems will crop up. Rectify each problem as soon as it occurs. If the computer starts freezing up too often, find out what program could be causing that, and remove it. If the screen starts behaving oddly, find out the cause and rectify it as soon as possible. If you let problems build up, you will have to buy a new laptop.

Keep Your Laptop Clean All The Time

Laptops are susceptible to collecting dust, nails, hair, food particles, moisture and dead skin. All these will somehow find their way into the motherboard and overtime, they will turn to nasty gunk. However, you can prevent that easily. Keep the exterior of the computer wiped clean all the time, avoid using it in dusty place and cut your nails far away. Blow the fans often to get rid of dust.