The development of the 3D-model consists of several stages:

  1. Modeling or creating a model geometry

It’s about creating a three-dimensional geometric model, without taking into account the physical properties of the object. As receptions:

  • extrusion;
  • modifiers;
  • polygonal modeling;
  • rotation.
  1. Texturing an object

The level of realism of the future model directly depends on the choice of materials when placing textures. Professional programs for working with three-dimensional graphics are almost unlimited in the possibilities for creating a realistic picture.

  1. Setting the light and the observation point

One of the most difficult stages when creating 3D models. After all, the realistic perception of the image depends on the choice of the light tone, brightness level, sharpness and depth of shadows. In addition, you need to select an observation point for the object. It can be a bird’s eye view or a scaling of the space with the achievement of the presence effect in it – by choosing the view from the height of human growth.

3d model

  1. 3D-visualization or rendering

The final stage of 3D modeling. It includes the detailed display of the 3D model. Means adding graphic special effects, such as glare, fog, radiance, etc. In the case of video rendering, the exact parameters for 3D animation of characters, details, landscapes, etc. (time of color changes, glow, etc.).

At the same stage, the visualization settings are detailed: the required number of frames per second and the final video expansion (for example, DivX, AVI, Cinepak, Indeo, MPEG-1, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, WMV, etc.) are detailed. If necessary, get a two-dimensional raster image, the format and resolution of the image to be determined, basically – JPEG, TIFF or RAW.

  1. Post-production

Processing of captured images and video with the help of media-editors – Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier Pro (or Final Cut Pro / Sony Vegas), GarageBand, Imovie, Adobe After Effects Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Samplitude, SoundForge, Wavelab, etc.

Post-production consists of giving visual effects to media files, the purpose of which is to stir up the consciousness of a potential consumer: impress, arouse interest and be remembered for a long time!

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