The chances of you being here are either you are trying to figure out if building your own gaming pc is right for you or you are looking to upgrade your old gaming pc with some bling and custom touch to dominate the popular gaming worlds like Fortnite, War Robots, and Runescape Gold. By building your own custom gaming pc you are taking a step ahead of conquering the online gaming battles.


Speaking frankly, it doesn’t matter what are your reasons for building a gaming pc but the thing that matters is the risk of wasting your pocket money and time. The reason I am saying this is because the compatibility check between the components and hardware is very critical. The solution to this problem is, you will have to take as much time as you need to select compatible components and in the installation process. To know exactly what component is compatible with what kind of hardware you can check the guidelines and compatibility resources in the manufacturer’s website. One more thing, I hope you are aware of the fact that the warranty varies in different pc components. So before you jump into building your gaming pc, you need to prepare yourself to assemble your brand new gaming pc safely.

Budget – the decision maker

Budget is the decision maker, why? The answer is simple, you need to consider your budget before you get in the field of gaming pc building. All your decision will be driven by your budget – believe it or not. The look, performance, and power of your gaming pc is based upon your budget although you might have some of your personal preferences. If you have a tight budget then you can save some cash by shopping the hardware and peripherals during the year-end sales, Christmas sales or from some reseller websites.

The best part of building a gaming pc on your own is you have full control over which manufacturer’s parts are going into your system. On top of that, you are also saving some more cash on the building cost of the gaming pc as you are building it on your own. Every now and then great new products are coming onto the market. If your budget is tight even after saving some cash on those points I mentioned you can upgrade some of the components later.

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Basic Hardware components for your gaming pc

Processor, graphics card, motherboard, memory and solid-state drives (SSD) are the components readily available and very user-friendly in today’s date. By user-friendly, I meant the components offer easy installation and configuration of software.

List of components you will need

  •    Pc monitor
  •    Case
  •    Motherboard
  •    A central processing unit (CPU)
  •    RAM (memory)
  •    Graphics card
  •    Storage (SSD or HDD)
  •    PSU (power supply unit)
  •    System cooling
  •    Gaming peripherals such as headphone, mic, keyboard etc.


Now that you have the list of all the required components, you need to check the compatibility as I said earlier. After successful checking of compatibility, you are good to go. It is completely up to you now. You can assemble the components in the order you prefer. It should be easy for you if you have spent enough time researching about the components and the assembly procedure. Always remember to follow the instruction of the manufacturer and be careful because you might not realize that real electricity is flowing through the components when connected.

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