Wireless keyboard usage has been rising up these days making the wired keyboards obsolete.  Keyboard and Mouse connection via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is getting more practiced in company, home, college environment thus making an user to operate without wire or cable restrictions even at a certain distance reach.

Before getting an adequate knowledge on each model, first of all, make clear about your requirement by answering the following questions to yourselves.

  • Do you use keyboard for a long working hours?
  • Do you use keyboard during night time?
  • Are you a visually challenged or vision blurred person?
  • What kind of touch do you want? Hard or soft ?
  • How often do you use mouse while working on keyboard ?
  • Do you need a touch pad in the keyboard as that would eliminate the mouse ?
  • Do you need a foldable keyboard that can shrink with metal hinges ?
  • Do you need a lengthier model or reduced size model ?
  • How about ergonomics on your keyboard ?

This article have the answers for these confusing questions before picking up a right choice.

HP K3500 Wireless KeyBoard can connect 5 devices via 5 links together at a time as it has the latest link-5 technology and works on 2.4 GHz broad frequency. Hot keys of the keyboard enable users to access different features in a computer.

US Tech giant Apple Wireless KeyBoard models are embedded with soft buttons and has compact size. AA size batteries having 3 years life span is the backup for these wireless keyboards.

  • Auto turn off feature on AA size batteries extends the battery life further by saving the power. People who work late night at houses can make use of this keyboard as it has a backlight feature that glows.

Apple’s Bluetooth Keyboard has a slim and light weight design and also enables users to access it up to 30 feet range wireless. The keys are very soft and noiseless having various features such as regulating brightness, playing and pausing videos and music, lowering or increasing a media volume.

iClever Wireless KeyBoard is a foldable iClever keyboard can fit itself into any size and due to this special feature, keyboards are more preferred by students. The Keyboard can be connected to 3 Bluetooth devices at a time.

  • A sensitive touch pad is the major highlight of the model that is designed for heavy duty applications with robust structure.

Logitech is well known for keyboard and mouse products in the market. Mainly, it has three varied keyboard models. The size of Logitech K360 model is 20 per cent smaller than an ordinary one making it to fit itself into an optimum table space and it can be connected to a desktop by an USB dongle.

Logitech K400 can control desktop or computer enabled TV sets in living room or dining room conditions as it is a long range keyboard model capable of operating at a 30 feet distance range.

Logitech Wireless wave has a curved keyboard design much apt for people who need to type for a long time because it was based on ergonomics.

Eagle Tec combo keyboard is featured with waterproof and accident free preventing damage when dropped from a table. The keyboard has 12 hot keys that can perform different functions.

  • An adjustable rear feet can tilt the keyboard and also the finger tips can glide over the sensational keys.

The combo is reliable regards to connectivity and we could not experience any interference between a keyboard or mouse and a laptop or desktop computer. There is a mini plug for the connection in between a computer and the keyboard or mouse.

Ivation Letter Iluminated Large print size keyboard is more useful for old age people and vision blurred persons because of its large size imprinted letters and blue LED glow.

However, wireless keyboards have certain restrictions to older OS and applicable only for suitable configurations. Best Wireless keyboards are only a very few in the market and the above briefed content focuses on the major models.