When I first started with YouTube TV in 2018 it was one of the first competitors for Sling that offered live online streaming there are now many live streaming options. Now we have Hulu Live, FuboTV, Sling, and many others.

YouTube TV is great and offers some of the best content with the best quality stream. I wanted to revisit the service. I canceled YouTube TV for almost the entire year of 2020 with nothing I really wanted to see live or the things I did want to see live like the Presidential Debates were live on Hulu, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

I recently got YouTube TV to watch sports but besides that, I really do not see the need. I will admit I like the news channels and watching some reruns on channels we do not get but I do not see that being worth even $65 a month. Recently NHL started offering your favorite team for $35 dollars a month and I get every game the same goes with baseball. I would like to get Fox Business News which gives livestock market coverage all day or even CNN but again it’s not worth $65 a month for just that.

When I first started with YouTube TV back in 2018 it was $35 dollars then crept up to $45 then $65 as they have added more channels. I don’t feel this is all YouTube TV’s fault as caring certain stations have carrier charges like ESPN, AMC, and many others and YouTube TV is offsetting that cost to the customer while still trying to turn a profit.

When you look at certain sports you need TV still to watch them for example. The NBA which unlike MLB or NFL has sold right to the playoffs to TNT and TBS and then sold the finals to major carriers. The same thing goes for the NFL where all the games are broadcast over three major networks. These premium broadcast channels like TBS, TNT, AMC, and ESPN have no way to get them unless you have cable. While I understand this as cable customers continue to cancel these services will need to adapt or die.