YouTube Premium is the subscription-based service being offered by YouTube with enhanced features not offered without a subscription. When you purchase the 11.99 a month subscription to YouTube Premium you get the following.

Ad-free YouTube On Desktop or Mobile – Obviously allows watching videos uninterrupted by ads.

Background Play on Mobile  – Allows videos to play while using other apps or when the screen is locked.

Download Videos For Offline Playing On Mobile – Allows users to save videos for when they have no reception or a metered data plan.

YouTube Music Premium – Google’s competitor service to Spotify.

YouTube Premium Originals – Premium Subscribers used to get offered Original shows that were Premium member exclusives only. But Google now offers them to all YouTubers with ad-supported commercials.

If you just want YouTube Music but not the features of Premium YouTube you can subscribe to just YouTube Music for 9.99 a month and save two dollars. I personally do not think the 2 dollars a month cost savings is worth it for when 2 dollars more you get YouTube Premium but that’s just me and I watch a lot of YouTube.

I personally think YouTube Premium is worth the added features of ad-free on mobile, background play and offline listening because I use YouTube like a podcast app so for me these features are essential. If you are someone who watches a few videos a week it might not be worth the cost for you. I will say I don’t think the features of YouTube Premium are worth the price if you are someone who watches YouTube on your computer as the added features are really gaged at the mobile market and mobile user.

I do feel bad for the premium subscribers who have lost some value as Originals are now free to everyone when they used to be a paid feature, but the original content has not been a huge success for Google in any place like others such as Apple TV+,  Netflix, Hulu, and HBO.

I do think that depending on your viewing habits YouTube Premium may be worth the investment for the YouTube video content consumer.