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Brand name basics and how to go about naming your brand?

branding iron
What’s in a name? Well, apparently lot. When it comes to choosing that perfect brand name that aptly describes your venture can be difficult, time-consuming, exciting yet it remains the most important element for any start-up or established firms/businesses alike. This article lists a few...
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The reasons why you should use PDF

There are many voices that will tell you that you should use PDF as your main format especially for work and office documents. Perhaps you are wondering why you should heed them and get yourself a PDF reader ASAP. In this article we shall see...
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The Value of SEO for Financial Advisers

seo advisors
Search engine optimization has proved to be a great marketing tool for businesses in different industries. The reason why more and more businesses are investing in SEO is that it works. Many businesses have been able to see great results without having to invest a...
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Flipboard Review

I recently started playing around with the app Flipboard. I know Flipboard has been around a while as I remember seeing the logo on the back of Ashton Kutcher’s laptop in Two and Half Men back in 2011. While there are tons of news aggregators...
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Smart SEO Tips to Dominate Google Search Results

google seo
Every small, big or medium scale company dreams of digital domination!  Thanks to the online boom, today having a quality online presence is imperative for every brand, irrespective of their industry vertical. It holds especially true for the lifestyle, e-commerce, entertainment, and service-driven industries. Today,...
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How to create your brand name?

brand name
Your brand name is essential. Other than letting people know that your company exists, it also allows people to discover who you are and what does your brand stand for. There are several ideas that a brand name can suggest, based on what you intend...
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Some Effective Methods Of Marketing For Small Businesses

Marketing For Small Businesses
There are various methods of advertising your business. You can choose to use traditional methods or you can also choose to go the digital way by searching on the internet for ‘online marketing for small business‘. Different methods yield different results. The following are some...
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What Type of ERP Software Should Your Business Choose?

erp software
How do you choose an ERP software? One advice is to choose software that’s customized for your particular industry. So if your small business involves manufacturing then you’ll want manufacturing ERP software solutions for SME. You may also want to get more specific programs depending...
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