Modern technology has revolutionized the way that people are able to manage their businesses. Instead of spending extra time and money to do things the traditional way, you should embrace the rapid changes taking place in the workplace. Even if your company is brick and mortar, you’re going to need to digitize almost every other aspect to keep up.

Phone Lines

When you picture an office phone, the image that comes to mind is usually a big, blocky and black cord phone with a lot of buttons. You can only receive calls at one location- in the office and at your desk. This is not very good for productivity or mobility. Now you can create a free virtual phone number that operates as your business phone and can be forwarded to 5 different devices. This way you and your team can answer business calls anytime, anywhere. Plus, your new business number has all the capabilities of a cell phone, like texting and video calling.

Data Management

Collecting and analyzing data about every aspect of your company- from production to customer satisfaction- is an invaluable way to get the most out of your business. Working with this much data requires a lot of digital space to store and manipulate it. Most people opt to create a database, or you can lease space in an outside database if you aren’t sure how to go about this. There are entire positions dedicated to data management at most successful companies. This way you can see where your strengths and weaknesses lie and respond proactively to trends in your data.

Worker Organization

Efficient and comprehensive avenues for communication are key for worker productivity and creativity. Whether your employees are all in the same office building or spread throughout the globe, this is made possible by digital platforms. There are lots of applications and software available that allow people to message, share files, video chat and collaborate all in the same online space. You can even get an application customized for your business’s specific needs. This also helps keep everyone more organized.

More and more of the daily workings of an office occur online or in the cloud. This requires employees and managers to be skilled in information technology and various software applications. Provide your workers with the training and resources they need to do their best. Don’t be afraid to reach out to consultants or other professionals to assist your transition if necessary.