Implementing new software, such as NetSuite, for your company is not enough. To get an actual return on your investment, you have to optimise everything that this platform has to offer. If you and your team are not familiar with all the performance features of NetSuite, then this SaaS (software as a service) would be such a waste of your valuable resources.

A NetSuite consultant suggests that effective adoption is a must for all companies that have just bought into the system. On boarding, though not a requirement will be able to deliver tremendous value to your company. This on boarding process includes employee training for better productivity. Here’s what you can do to optimise the NetSuite platform for your company:

Develop Tangible Training Programs

It is best to hire a NetSuite consultant to guide your company with the onboarding process. They can help you develop training plans with goals that include tangible steps on how to achieve them. These aims must be specific and measurable, so you can evaluate how your team is doing. Concrete examples of these quantifiable objectives are meeting specific performance quotas or learning a particular set of skills. With this kind of realistic program, you can motivate your employees and indeed, increase their productivity. This program makes it easy for newbies to turn intermediate and advanced, which will benefit your company.

Offer Personalised Training

Each of your staff members has a broad range of skills. Some are just teach-savvy, and others are lagging because they have different strengths. Learning a new system such as NetSuite needs more than traditional classroom techniques. Thus, it is essential to offer personalised training. This personalisation doesn’t mean going one-on-one with every employee. You just need to leverage the power of technology and use digital platforms to aid in your tutorial sessions.

Keep Users Engaged

In a digital work environment, user experience is the critical measure of successful integration to a new system. You have to find ways to enhance your staff’s user experience. By streamlining your processes, you will be able to keep their elusive attention and keep them engaged. This enhanced user experience improves their chances to learn and minimises their levels of frustration. They need to see how they are progressing in terms of efficiency. Most of all, they need to understand the overall impact of this new NetSuite platform to their daily work lives. It is only through this that they will realise the software’s real value.

Utilise Innovative Training Techniques

Using the right techniques can make a world of difference when it comes to training for something new. The traditional classroom approach may work for some concepts. However, for a digital and sophisticated product like NetSuite, you will also need digital solutions. For instance, apart from just the usual training videos, you can offer in-app guidance. While your staff is using the platform, a helpful chatbot can provide step-by-step guidance or possible solutions to issues. This unique method increases the retention of new information while making your employees feel more invested in the program.

Bottom Line

By ensuring that all the members of your company become proficient in NetSuite, you can maximise the money you invested in this platform. Training improves your employees’ competency and productivity. With these onboarding methods, they learn fast, become more motivated, and transform into confident users of your new SaaS. In any industry, maximising new software will have tangible and significant effects on your company. And that is the most critical consideration of all because it is the reason why you bought this suite in the first place.

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