In the 20th century, technology started to change everything. The supercomputers were created in the 20th century, engineers and scientists start to develop some ways to make networks between those computers. Later on, because of their hard work and effort, they manage to create the internet in which every people around the world right now are using.

When blogging started, most people turned to social media to share their information and knowledge with everyone. The first social media sites are Linkedln and Myspace which started in the year 2000s and at the same time, there were also these photo-sharing social media sites such as Flickr and Photobucket.

Youtube as one o the best social media site for vlogging just started its video sharing site in 2005. Facebook was a little late compared to the other social media site since they just started in 2006, even though, Facebook became popular that the majority of people using social media are accessing Facebook and this is where Facebook is heading in the next 10 years.

Bots will be your new friends

Today, Facebook is permitting companies to create automated bots on its Facebook Messenger mobile application so that users may interact with things like accessing weather or even buying things. Right now, the existing companies that created this type of bots to Facebook Messenger are Dutch airline KLM, Burger King, and flower seller

Sending messages with a bot in Facebook Messenger is just like chatting with your friend but there is a slight difference since talking to your friend is just limited to the topic you were talking about. Unlike bots, it will provide you other information connected to the topic without you asking about it which kinda bit annoying sometimes

If Facebook will able to improve and create some ways to make these things easier and more user-friendly, it will create big revenues. Although, people have no reason yet to get information or buy things using this platform instead of just calling them.

There’ll be more live videos

As you can see, there are already a lot of people who are watching and sharing videos on Facebook. People are watching videos because they are curious about something or they wanted to learn and they are sharing because some of them just wanted to be famous.

According to Zuckerberg, most people watch live videos longer compared to other regular videos on Facebook and they provide more comments to these live videos 10 times more. In the near future, to make live videos better on facebook and other social media sites, they should create software tools that will let people stream live videos using their other devices.

Facebook being smarter in identifying people on photos and videos

Facebook right now is creating a software that is capable of recognizing anything inside a photo and video. That can be a tree, background, person, or animal. In Joaquin Quinonero Candela, the director of applied machine learning of Facebook demonstrated a type of system that will let you search for photos that you uploaded on Facebook using text like “beach”.

This will be the future of technology, the system will search for every photo that you uploaded and provide pictures of you and your when you are on a beach. But everyone still needs to be more patient since there is no exact date when this system will be available to the public.


Social became a vital part of everyone’s life,  people are uploading and sharing their favorite pictures and videos on social media. It is not just all about sharing pictures and videos that social media made easier but it also made communicating with other people more convenient. Everyone will be expecting more things from Facebook in the years to come.