The use of social media platforms is increasing at an astounding pace, and the number of users on these platforms by the end of 2018 is estimated to reach 2.62 billion according to recently done studies. Therefore, you need to come up with an impeccable digital marketing campaign to expand your conversation rate, provide a personalized approach, and to improve your business awareness to your potential customers.

Nevertheless, there is more to improving your brand awareness through social networks than just creating an account on all the available platforms and sharing some posts occasionally and randomly inviting individuals to like your page. Instead, it should be about marketing yourself to right people through appropriate channels.

Therefore, know the critical elements of a Social Media Marketing strategy that you need to implement, which can consequently boost your branding efforts considerably.

Below are some of those critical factors that helps to increase your brand awareness when done right:

  1. Locate your market

You must never assume that your target market makes use of only specific social media platforms. Therefore, you must log in to every site, which fortunately are search engines on their right and search for conversations about your services, products, and industry. Furthermore, before reaching out, use the search option on that particular platform to locate and prove the frequency which people talk about your selected topics.

  1. Pick the right social media platform

It is important to know social media platforms work differently in helping you achieve your set objectives. Subsequently, this makes choosing the ideal social networking site to focus your energies on reasonably intimidating. Thus, you will need to make informed decisions, and there are a couple of questions you should ask yourself, the most critical being;

  • How will the platform increase your brand’s awareness?
  • How popular is the social media platform?
  • Which social media platforms do your clienteles often use?
  • Does the channel fit your brand?

After doing your research, you will have the answers to all these questions, thereby enabling you to narrow down your options. For example, you need to create a Facebook account if most of your potential clients are Facebook users. On this social media platform, you will be able to create a broad online community, engage with your brand’s diverse social groups, and target a vast audience. Moreover, you should use LinkedIn when searching for business partners, employees, or business partners, whereas Twitter is perfect if your brand targets the tech-savvy crowd. Instagram and Pinterest are ideal picks if you intend to share DIY tips or a photographer; and then to pair them with your account on Facebook.

  1. Leverage trends

Across all social media platforms, there always is some news or topic that is being highly debated.  You need to take advantage of these trending topics, which are relevant to your brand, in platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and link your content in support of the subject will attract lots of interest. In this profession, this is referred to as news jerking.

  1. Always share engaging content

Throughout your social media campaign, content marketing is a critical element of your social media marketing strategy. To ascertain you as an expert in this field, you need to deliver content that is relevant, easily sharable, and digestible. Doing this requires more than just writing excellent articles, but also paying close attention to engaging and interactive visual content. Therefore, make use of photos, infographics, memes, videos, quote graphs, and GIFs to draw the attention of your followers. Consequently, this makes your followers always interested in whatever content you share.

  1. Connect with influencers

Not only can the task of building your profile from scratch be difficult, but it also is extremely time-consuming. Fortunately, across all top-rated social media platforms, many people have over time built up a broad audience of prospective buyers. You need to link up with these non-competing influencers and form a venture partnership which benefits both of you. Through this collaboration, you will be able to share content as well as land affiliate fees or commercial deals. Thus, find an influencer who connects with your prospective customers and begin engaging with them straightaway.

  1. Always be consistent and unique

You must consistently deliver content to your target audience that instantly relates to your brand. Implementing this strategy will assist you not only to build trust among your potential customers, but also place emphasis on the core values, goals, and mission statement of your brand.

You can decide to do this by investing in the visual identity of your brand. To do this, ensure all the posts you share consistently use your logo, font type, and colors. By doing this, your visual brand receives a boost as the same feel is spread across all the different social media platforms. Additionally, use the same picture size, patterns, font types, and filters to make all the fragments of your visual content look like one.

  1. Make use of social proof

Social proof is the ability of products or services to provide customers with quality, trustworthiness as well as authority. This is how famous brands such as Apple, Starbucks, and Coca-Cola maintain their millions of customers across the globe. To integrate social proof with your social networking successfully, you need to:

  • Encourage every client to review and rate your products and services
  • Share testimonials of your users
  • Share the milestones your business has achieved, such as reaching a particular number of clients
  • Always show gratitude for mentions
  • Seek the endorsement of influencers
  1. Schedule your posts

You need to share your posts often and stick to distribution calendar so that your prospective customers know what to anticipate from you. Therefore, you must use social media management tools instead of having to manage your posts manually. Doing this will assist you in finding fresh content, synchronize your different social media profiles as well as schedule numerous social media posts simultaneously. Also, you should classify your content to obtain maximum benefit from your social sharing. For instance, you may decide a specific day for sharing fun content such as photos or gifs of your staff, and another day answering industry-specific questions asked by your followers.


Having gone through this article, you now have an idea of the critical elements of social media marketing strategy that will multitude your brand awareness instantly. Therefore, it is vital you use social media platforms for marketing your brand to a broader target audience, provide exceptional customer service, offer personalized user experience as well as collect immediate feedback.  Implementing the tips discussed above will significantly help you exploit the potential of social networking hence give your brand a significant boost.


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