AMA Ask Me Anything Reddit Style

Today on the podcast we have kind of an AMA Ask Me Anything Reddit Style Podcast. We me fielding your questions that you e-mailed and tweeted into me over last few weeks.
Join Me Today As I Answer Your Questions…
  • What linux distro do you like?
  • What tech stocks would you buy?
  • Who are your favorite 3 authors?
  • Do you like Skype or Google Hangouts?
  • Favorite wrestler of all time?
  • What bands do you normally work on HF?
  • What bands are on your iPod?
  • Do you recommend Spotify or Apple Music?
  • What mixer do your recommend for music?
  • Who is your favorite radio personality of all time?
  • What do you recommend for wifi hotspot?
  • What bow do you use for hunting?
  • Why is Nightwing your favorite comic book character?
  • What is your day to day pc?
  • I have business do you think I should go openoffice to save money?
  • I want start podcasting should I buy pro tools?
  • I want to be lead singer of a band is there good software for vocal training?
  • What hard drive raid should I use for my pc?