• August 21, 2019

    TTG – I Feel Bad For Slack

  • August 16, 2019

    TTG – Earnings Report Week

    This week on the podcast we are back after a long break. We talk about Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft earnings reports. We talk about the Apple Card and a rise in PC sales. We get into Googles Pixel business and Microsofts Surface business being a billion-dollar business and not being profitable. Plus much more. Episode Sponsored By –
  • April 24, 2019

    Only On Google Fi

    Today on the show we get into the news of the week talking about Windows 7 coming end of life in January. We talk about Windows Paint, Notepad and calculator. We talk about LinkedIn getting off of GSuite and moving to Office 365. We talk about a new Pandora music now on SiriusXM and much more. Today On The Show We Talk About SiriusXM New App and Pandora Getting SiriusXM Shows Microsoft Paint, Notepad and calculator Linked in Moving off GSuite Comparing GSuite To Office365 vMix For Podcasting Citrix In Enterprise Pixel 3 Half Price On Google Fi Samsung Galaxy Fold Todays Show Sponsored By My New Security Book
  • Today on the show we get into Microsoft HealthVault and being shut down. We get into Google’s Health product and how it never took off and how Apple is now going to take over that market as well since its in the consumer space. We get into Microsoft new work “Prosumer”. We get into how the Microsoft store sells Surface books with Windows 10 Home and Pro. We get into what happened to Windows Ultimate. Plus Much More Today On The Show We Talk About Microsoft HealthVault shutting down in November Google WearOS Slack Announces New Integrations with Office 365 Apps YouTube TV Prices Going Up Disney+ Price Apple adds new ‘Confirm Subscription’ step for in-app subscription signups on iOS New Microsoft Edge Beta Todays Show Sponsored By Amazon My New Security Book 
  • April 3, 2019

    Microsoft Closed Ebook Store

    Today on the show we talk about another step in Microsoft getting out of the consumer electronics business by closing their Ebooks store. We get into Apple announcing a credit card you can’t get the week after they announce new hardware. We talk about the iTunes match service to upload your MP3s. We get into Foursquare and their new business. We talk about IBM using Flickr photos and Apple getting a 1/3 of every app sale and subscription. Today On The Show We Talk About IBM using Flickr Photos iTunes Match Spotify Going After Apple In EU Foursquare New Business Microsoft Closed Ebook Store Apple Credit Card Microsoft Launches Visual Studio 2019 Today Show Sponsored By Amazon New Security Book
  • March 27, 2019

    The Apple Plus Event

    This week on the show we talk about Apple big event and everything they released. We get into Facebook changing their open platform mindset to more closed and what they are doing with Whats App. We talk about YouTube getting out of the original content business and much more.. This Week We Discuss Apple TV+ Apple News+ Apple Games Apple Card Facebook Going Be More Like WeChat No More Original Content From YouTube Much More… This Week Show Sponsored By Tech Geek Deals
  • March 22, 2019

    Apple Hardware Week

    Today on the show we talk about Apple’s big event coming up and how they have released hardware almost every day this week. We talk about the new iMac 21 inch and iMac 27 inch Pro. We talk about the new iPad Air and iPad Mini vs the iPad Pro. We get into using Slack vs Microsoft Teams and how Discord fits into this space. We talk about podcasting software and much more. Today On The Show We Discuss… New Apple iPads New Apple iMacs New Apple AirPods MySpace Has Reportedly Lost All Photos, Videos, and Songs Uploaded Over 12 Years Slack vs Microsoft Teams Onedrive cancels groove streaming HBO Now App vs Subscribing Through Amazon Dropbox vs Onedrive Discord Podcasting Software Today Show Is Sponsored By… Tech Geek Deals
  • March 15, 2019

    Apple TV Service What Can We Expect

    Today on the show we talk about what could Apple TV service be and what can we expect. We talk about Microsoft starting to warn users to get off of Windows 7. Microsoft can now uninstall bad updates and Google Allo is dead and much more… Today We Talk About… Apple TV Service Apple New Service Microsoft Warning Users About Windows 7 EOL Microsoft Adding Remove Update Feature Google Allo Is Dead Today Show Is Sponsored By… Tech Geek Deals
  • November 30, 2018

    Does Anyone Use USPS Anymore?

    Today on the show we run down some of the security news of the week. We talk about the Pwn2Own results between Android and iOS. Last Wednesday Mozilla announced the addition of a new feature for FireFox. Google will open project fi to other devices and YouTube removing annotations on January 15. Brandon talks about a deal on the Cortana Invoke Speaker and much more… Today We Talk About Dell Resets All Customers’ Passwords After Potential Security Breach US Postal Service Left 60 Million Users Data Exposed For Over a Year 3 New Code Execution Flaws Discovered in Atlantis Word Processor Mozilla announced new features for FireFox Mobile Pwn2Own Results YouTube To Make New Originals Available For Free, Ad-Supported Viewing Google To Open Project Fi To iPhone, Samsung, and OnePlus YouTube Will Remove All Pop-up Annotations on January 15 Microsoft Releases Cumulative Updates for Older Windows 10 Versions Amazon Confirms Monday was its Biggest Day Ever Microsoft Briefly Took Over Apple As the Most Valuable US Company Sponsors If you want to support the show buy my new book “Guidebook To Computer and Smartphone Security” on LeanPub Support Us On Patreon 
  • November 21, 2018

    John McAfee for President in 2020 What?

    This week on the show we talk about our new Patreon Page to start the show. We then get into Skycoin and other deregulated internet currency. We talk about Skycoin and John McAfee’s involvement in bitcoin and his plan to run as a libertarian in 2020 which was announced via Twitter. Bill Marr gets people upset by making some nasty comments about Stan Lee online. Apple sales are slowing a bit. Microsoft and Google have quality control issues plus much more.. Today We Talk About… John McAfee Owns Part of Skycoin Bill Marr Has A Blog Post About Stan Lee That Upsets People Microsoft Pulls Some Non-Security Updates For Microsoft Office 2010, 2013 and 2016 That It Released Earlier This Month Ivanka Trump Used Personal Account For Emails About Government Business Daniel’s Hosting was hacked this week and taken offline server’s root account was also deleted, and that all 6,500+ Dark Web services hosted on the platform are now gone. Instagram Is Cracking Down On Services That Sell Likes, Followers Google’s Wear OS Gets Battery Life Improvements Apple to cut iPhone production by 30% Sony Won’t Be Attending E3 2019 Microsoft’s Building a Disc-Less Xbox One for Release in 2019 Digital trade-in Program For XBox Games Microsoft Is Putting Ads on the Mail App in Windows 10 Skype Calling is Now Available on Alexa OneDrive Gets Integrated Into Skype Walmart Overtakes Apple as No. 3 Online Retailer in US Microsoft Tests Revamped Outlook Design With Dark Theme Support on Mac LinkedIn Really Wants to Get Along With the Cool Kids Sponsors If you want to support the show buy my new book “Guidebook To Computer and Smartphone Security” on LeanPub Support Us On Patreon