• December 22, 2016

    Apple iPod Started The Podcast Business

    I am a big podcast listener some people binge on YouTube and Netflix videos I binge listen to podcasts. There is a huge call for on-demand audio like podcasts in the dying age of radio. Before DVR boxes and on-demand video like streaming, there was an on-demand audio called podcasts. When Apple introduced podcasts in 2004, the iPod changed the music industry a small device that could fit in your pocket and iTunes store allowed you to download any song you wanted at any time starting the instant gratification of music. No need to go to your local store and buy CDS when you can just download a small MP3 file and place it onto a small device that holds thousands of songs and fits in your pocket. Since there was no cellular data yet to get a music or podcasts to your iPod you had to be plugged into a computer, open iTunes then music and podcasts had to sync over to the device via a cable. It was the start of a revolution in the on-demand radio industry that we call podcasts. The word podcast is a combination of the word iPod and broadcast a term developed by a journalist. Originally the word was audio blogging which lacked the cool hip feel that the broadcaster and Apple were going for so the name was changed to Podcast. Companies like TWIT one of the first podcasts available on iTunes calls them netcasts to get away from the assumption you need an Apple device to listen to the broadcast. Podcasts are basically MP3 files that can be played by any music device, not just an iPod or iPhone. At the time the iPod was really the only mobile music player available and now there are many. When the iPhone was released...
  • March 4, 2016

    AMA Ask Me Anything Reddit Style

    AMA Ask Me Anything Reddit Style Today on the podcast we have kind of an AMA Ask Me Anything Reddit Style Podcast. We me fielding your questions that you e-mailed and tweeted into me over last few weeks.   Join Me Today As I Answer Your Questions… What linux distro do you like? What tech stocks would you buy? Who are your favorite 3 authors? Do you like Skype or Google Hangouts? Favorite wrestler of all time? What bands do you normally work on HF? What bands are on your iPod? Do you recommend Spotify or Apple Music? What mixer do your recommend for music? Who is your favorite radio personality of all time? What do you recommend for wifi hotspot? What bow do you use for hunting? Why is Nightwing your favorite comic book character? What is your day to day pc? I have business do you think I should go openoffice to save money? I want start podcasting should I buy pro tools? I want to be lead singer of a band is there good software for vocal training? What hard drive raid should I use for my pc?
  • September 19, 2012

    Apple iOS 6 Releases Today

    Apples next major update to the iPhone mobile operating system iOS 6 is due out today.  iOS 6 supports the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 , iPhone 4S , iPhone 5.  Apples iPhone 5 will hit stores on Sept 21st.  The iOS 6 also supports the iPad 2, the new third-generation iPad and the fourth-gen iPod Touch. The iOS 6 will be released sometime around 10 a.m. Pacific time, or 1:00 p.m. Eastern, but perhaps earlier.  Apple has confirmed that the operating system will indeed launch today.  So now it’s just a matter of watching and waiting for an alert on your device telling you the OS is ready to be pushed across. One of the key additions to iOS 6 is a mapping app.  Apple is getting rid of Google Maps which is a big loss for Google.  The update will also have an improved Siri.  Another notable change is the ability to conduct Facetime video chats over a 3G cellular network.  Facetime over 3G has brought up discussion about its impact on metered data plans. The new iOS 6 is said to have 200 new features including tighter Facebook integration, more phone-answering options Apples own Passbook app for storing boarding passes, movie tickets, and other location-based items.  Passbook apps are not new but defiantly being built into the iOS is something new for Apple. Being an iPhone owner and user I have been looking forward to this update and plan to upgrade my phone OS in the next few days. Tips, check this free iPhone transfer software for iOS 6 and above.