Calling Directory Assistance What Year Is It?

Today on the podcast we talk about being on the road and calling directory assistance and using an old atlas. We discuss hands free and what it means. We talk about human evolution and the tech news of the week.

Join Me Today As We Discuss…
  • Microsoft Bring SQL to Linux
  • Google Docs Can Now Export EPUB
  • Ray Tomlinson, the creator of email, has died
  • DirectTV aims add at people with blackout channels
  • Uber Launches in Pakistan
  • Uber Launches Motorcycle-Booking Service in Bangalore
  • 4chan Founder Chris Poole Hired By Google
  • Palo Alto Networking Releases Patch Block Apple Ransomeware at Firewall Level
  • Facebook Fixes Bug That Allowed Users To Set Other Users’ Passwords
  • New Altair 8800 Kit
  • McDonald’s Serves Up Happy Meal With a Side of Virtual Reality (Google Cardboard)
  • Microsoft HoloLens Is Available to Software Developers
  • Facebook and Spotify Integration For Messanger
  • Microsoft Surface Biggest App is New York Times Crossword Puzzel
  • Facebook Messenger: App Launches Design Update for Android, Executive Says
  • Sony: Company Disperses Free Compensation Codes for 2011 PlayStation Network Breach
  • Skype Does Not Support Smart TV’s Anymore After June 1
  • Bosch Season 2
  • Twitter’s stock has traumatized former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer
  • Nest finally realizes we don’t all live alone
  • Apple confirms killing your apps doesn’t really save battery life
  • went down for about 20 minutes, and the world freaked out
  • Diablo 2 gets first patch in over four years
  • Patch Tuesday Brought Windows 10 Ad Generator