Google Webmaster Tools Webinar

Webinar 9/27/17 at 5:00 PM EST The Technology Geek and our parent company Lipani Technologies LLC run weekly webinars related to SEO, Google, Office, Microsoft, Web Design, Sales, Internet Marketing and many other topics. These webinars last 45 minutes to an hour and usually run...
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Microsoft Says 330 Million People Use Edge Browser

Recently during the Microsoft Edge summit, it was announced that Microsoft Edge has 330 million monthly devices. While I find this interesting I question these numbers this number was noted on Microsoft Edge Developer Twitter account and mention by Microsoft Executive saying “A lot of...
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5 Tips for an Effective NGO Marketing Strategy

Social media has revolutionized the way that we communicate. Businesses, brands, and even NGO’s can take advantage of this media evolution to further the reach of their mission to the general public. An effective social media strategy is not that challenging to plan and execute,...
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The iPhone X Is Not Innovative

iphone 10
We all know I am a large supporter of Apple products I have been a huge supporter of their PC and their iPhone for the last 10 years and was early adopted of their AirPods. I watch the Apple Keynote today in the new Steve...
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The future of VR Explained

vr headset
Over the past year or so, the introduction of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality has really set the precedent for the future of technology. These devices are taking the gaming and entertainment world by storm, but it’s been predicted that this technology is also going...
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Windows 10s is Destined To Fail

windows 10s
Microsoft announced Windows 10s on May 2nd of this year this is Microsoft’s third attempt at a lightweight OS and its already not doing well on the market. To prove my point Microsoft quietly extending its free Windows 10 S to Win 10 Pro upgrade. Just looking at Windows...
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How to Convert Your WordPress Site Into An Android App

When your business has a WordPress website, it’s really easy to convert it to an Android app, thanks to plugins available today, that will do the trick. Some of these plugins are free while others require you to invest some money to get access to...
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August Office365 Update Makes Teamwork Easier

office365 teans
The Office365 team opened up their post this month by talking about teamwork “More than ever, effective teamwork is critical to your success. This month, we made the experience of working with others even better through the release of co-authoring in Excel, enhancements to Microsoft...
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Why Live Events Remain Relevant to Businesses Marketing in the VR Age

Among the most important strategies for marketing that growing businesses employ, are hosting events. These affairs present the creative opportunity for companies to create stronger connections with their market. Through the years, technology has made events rather exciting occasions for people to look forward to,...
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