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Top Four Enterprise Security Vulnerabilities

There are many different ways that enterprise systems are vulnerable. Competitors may try to hack into computer systems to gain proprietary information. Software and web applications – both proprietary and third-party – may have inherent vulnerabilities that leave your company vulnerable to attack. Dangerous data...
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Latest Technology Needs For A Start-Up

Technology is the crutch that has allowed hundreds upon hundreds of startups to get going and grow into full-fledged businesses, employers of many, and changers of world. Without some of the simpler tools taken for granted today, many startups would not have happened, and those...
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Will Server Clusters Survive In The Cloud Era?

This is a question that many businesses are thinking about a lot lately – at least the ones who want to be successful in the future. While server clusters are the generally accepted way to run large web operations, this is shifting to cloud server...
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Wikipedia’s Participation Problems Causes Decline in Site

More people use Wikipedia than ever but the number of people contributing to the project has declined by a third since 2007, and it still has significant gaps in its quality and coverage. MIT Technology Review reports on the troubled efforts to make the site more welcoming...
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Tablet Vs laptop

The tablet computer device, whilst a relatively new gadget, has eaten into PC sales since its introduction two years ago. Smaller and lighter than the laptop, they are fast becoming the computer of choice for many people. But how do the laptop and tablet compare...
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2600 Off The Hook Radio Show In Financial Trouble

Off The Hook is a weekly show on WBAI radio, New York, produced by 2600 Magazine. 2600 Magazine which is one of the most read and longest running security publications which has 4 magazine releases a year can be found in stores and on Amazon....
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Main Reasons for Starting An Internet Business

If you are a hardworking person, you have belief in you, you are a creative person and you want to  earn enough to live the life you want, you must start internet business. You have a lot of options for starting. Besides it is one...
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IBM Pledges 1 Billion Dollars For Linux Development

IBM announced Tuesday morning at LinuxCon that they will be investing 1Billion dollars into linux development. Linux is becoming very popular in data centers and IBM wants to capitalize on that by making more of that growth happen on their hardware. IBM plans to spend...
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Top 3 Android Apps to Increase Your Productivity in Office

The fast pace in which Android modeled cellular products surely have cornered a huge share of the mobile phone marketplace has got pleased designers all over the world. Throughout the previous couple of years, a large number of impressive mobile phones as well as PC...
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