Whatever one may say, every owner of a website wants to get to the top of Google because the advanced positions in this search engine open up great opportunities and prospects. Today, this dream is realistic, when drawings up a plan for optimizing your resource, all the necessary tools are correctly selected; click this page to get more. A good optimization plan will get the interest of new potential customers and position them to purchase.

To reach the top search result is the goal of each webmaster, the path to high results is not simple, it requires serious efforts and costs, both temporary and financial. Experience shows that there are methods that are fundamental, regardless of the development of the web industry and the emergence of new technologies. Relying on them you can give a good start to the site and make a solid foundation, thanks to which the site will confidently hold, positions without fear of search engine filters.

The daily question is: are there any links for website promotion today? Yes, they do. Contrary to the fact that their influence is changing and can decrease on the Internet, there will not be such that they do not work. Their work will depend on different cases.

Natural, Purchased and Free Links

Search engines understand that the reference profile can be artificially increased, which means manipulating this factor in its favor. For the evaluation of links by search engines, algorithms were developed to identify natural (which users are divided) and unnatural (purchased).

  • Natural links appeared thanks to users who visited your resource. Let’s say, you sell high-quality shoes and a user came to you on the site, which she liked very much. He shared a link to your site on the forum, where he often spends time and communicates with other people. Such links today are the most popular and quite effective during website promotion.
  • Purchased links are received by placing them on other sites for a fixed fee per month or one-time.
  • Free are those that are received without payment for placement. Can be marked by your users, you. Let’s say when you place your site in a free directory.

How Many Links Should Be and How to Define It?

You need to know what happens to the current reference profile:

  • how many external links are already leading to the site;
  • how good and useful they are;
  • what anchors they have;
  • to beat up the results.

If there are no links, you need to start designing a strategy aimed at growth. In the case of external links on the site, first work them out manually and reject substandard (based on the analysis of donors and anchors).

Next, we determine the required quantity and look at the competitors. There is no specific figure! You always need to look at the leaders, because they like search engines, which means that their link profile is very suitable for them. After studying your reference profile, you need to start analyzing the profile of your successful competitors.

To conduct such an analysis is possible with the help of services. Typically, this analysis provides an opportunity to understand how much links you need to your site to start positively ranked in the free search. It gives the opportunity to think over the strategy of promotion, repeating the dynamics of growth, the cloud of anchor and links from sites that are donors of competitors.

What Is Necessary in Order to Reach the Top?

Competent promotion of your site is a high visit to your resource, as well as business prosperity.

  • Selection of keywords.

You need to competently select keywords that will allow you to promote your resource, make it interesting for potential customers. It is important to understand that these words should be selected in accordance with the basic number of requests;

  • Internal optimization.

Excellent internal optimization, which is the basis of modern SEO. Keywords should be placed in tags, by type of meta tag, title tag, content, title;

  • Content

Original, unique, interesting and useful content – this is a great chance to quickly find yourself on the top. Duplicated content or stolen, even if it is perfectly optimized, will not give such an effect as its original content. In addition, even the most original content should be updated over time to avoid the irrelevant site. These updates are encouraged by Google;

  • The presence of external links.

A large number of links that redirect to your resource will only testify to its popularity. It is important that they are fully thematic. This is necessary for search engine optimization. Likes, reposts, as well as other social factors and activity of visitors to your resource, will make it successful.

Google Search Ranking Factors

Ranking factors are the features of the search engine algorithm, in virtue of the site page is evaluated, and its position in the issue is determined.

Google estimates a minimum of 271 ranking factors. To services that affect the ranking of Google, including Google Maps, Google Places, Google+, YouTube, Chrome, Google Analytics, Google Docs.

All these factors affect the ranking in Google. In addition, among other ranking factors that are important for this search engine, we can distinguish:

  • length title (takes into account only the first 12 words);
  • micro device (Google has ratings with stars and extended snippets);
  • Alt image.

Stages of External and Internal Optimization

The main stages of external optimization include the following:

  • link building;
  • mandatory control over the entry of anchor into external links;
  • placement of information on catalogs;
  • link exchange;
  • commenting on other resources with a similar theme.

In addition to external optimization of the resource, it is necessary to implement the internal one.

Internal optimization is a set of works that are aimed at eliminating errors and improving the resource. The site will become interesting for search engines, users and will be displayed at the TOP.

To do this, it is necessary to compose a semantic core competently, make a semantic markup, group queries, analyze competitors using analytical tools, conduct technical audit, optimize content, make it unique, informative and interesting, improve meta tags on pages, conduct internal page linking, which will allow you to redistribute the weight on the promoted pages.

The conclusion suggests itself: the links work and are a very strong ranking factor. When analyzing various quite competitive niches, it is clearly traced the fact that practically in any top there are sites with a good reference history.