Finding the right strategy to get genuine Instagram followers can be a challenging task. However, you have to do it to make your presence felt, and that is when you can consider using some tried and tested tricks.

While making a change to your Instagram account is important, you can always go to and get as many genuine followers as you want. They have been in business for quite some time and knew how to help you with the Instagram following. If you’re willing to do the hard work, the following tips will also help.

Promote An Easy To Use, Purposeful Hashtag

Have a hashtag that is easy for you as well as others to use and remember. Make sure it is there all over, like in your profile, your brochures, receipts or any other events or marketing that you do. When you are putting ads on TV, make sure you highlight the hashtag, asking people to use them. The more your hashtag is used, the more it will trend and become popular. Use it rigorously otherwise it will be lost in the ocean of millions of other tags.

Build A Unique Hashtag

If your hashtag is the usual boring, obvious hashtag, people will just look at it and forget. Think of something that can be catchy and conveys the messages differently. People are very creative nowadays, and one has to be on edge to be better than others. Be funny, sarcastic, romantic – whatever, but be creative and not obvious.

Take Part In Viral Communications

Use a good blend of some of the most popular tags as well as hashtags relevant to the topic. Blending both can have your post reach a wider audience and gain more popularity. For example, if it’s the wedding season and you are coming up with an exclusive collection, you can tag one of the collections with the specific tags as well as general tags like #weddingcollection, #photooftheday, #fun and so on.

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Use Your Bio URL Thoroughly

Users are interested to know more details about your page when they follow it. They look for content that is evolving and dynamic. If you keep posting the same images or content time and again, people will feel you have nothing more to offer and unfollow you. For example, now and then put a link to new featured content or a new blog in your bio with a small description about what it is – instead of the same website link – which the user has seen n number of times. This will make the users look up to more from you which means more clicks for you.

Spend Time On Catchy Yet Definitive Captions

Captions shouldn’t be too long, but should at least convey a clear-cut message. Whenever you post an image, caption it such that the intention is clear to everyone. It could be a one-liner story or a rhyming phrase, that would creatively convey what is there in the photo, or what users should be expecting in further posts. When you post one or two captions that are different and see the difference it is making, you will get better at it and will surely want to do more.

Be In Touch With Influencers

Influencers help you get to your target audience easily. You have to identify the influencers by doing some research on the trends and seeing profiles of the businesses similar to yours. Be in contact with the influencers you have identified who can be useful to you. ‘Turn on post notifications’ to receive notifications whenever they post something. You can comment on their posts, motivate and encourage them, and over time come in their favorite list.

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Delete Undesirable Tagged Photos From Your Profile

Feature only the best content that will promote you and your brand. If there are pictures that you think do not serve any purpose, remove them by choosing ‘Edit tags,’ selecting the photos you want to remove and then clicking on ‘Hid from the profile.’

Control What You Want To Show On Your Profile

Change the Instagram settings such that the photos in which you are tagged by someone else are not shown till you approve them. This means, if you do not approve, the photos won’t appear on your profile. This will give you greater control over what you share with the world. To have this setting, click on ‘Options,’ ‘Photos of you’ and ‘Add Manually.’