The power of social media marketing cannot be ignored especially for small businesses. Research has shown that about 72% of the small business enterprises that applied social media marketing recorded a significant increase in sales and profits. For a fact, social media marketing remains the cheapest form of marketing.

This makes it cost effective and ideal for small businesses since it does not add much to their expenditure budget. Creating an account/profile is free on most social media platforms. The cost only becomes significant if you need to enroll for paid ads to advertise your business brand.

Below are some of the reasons why social media marketing is important for small businesses.

1. Creating traffic

Social media marketing, especially through the common sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, create a lot of traffic. When a small business owner posts on the social media, his/her followers will view and comment. Sharing of the posts by many customers makes the post popular, reaches more people and the chances of acquiring new customers are very high. More traffic on your site will reflect more work, more deals and certainly more new customers.

2. Boosting site’s Search Engine Optimization ranking

A killer content is required on social media to boost your site’s SEO ranking. For a small business, coming up with such a content is somehow easier as opposed to a big business. This is because the big content space is used to explain just a few items hence much creativity is employed.

When your SEO ranking is boosted, many people will now be able to access your site after searching for any content related to your products. This will not only increase your customer base but also present you with an excellent opportunity to expand.

3. Opportunity to learn your audience/customers

Social media interactions provide any budding and existing entrepreneur with an opportunity to understand his/her audience. This, however, happens if you are keen enough to provide a good interaction environment in the conversations. After posting, your customers have a right to comment, like share or simply ignore the post.

The action taken will depend on how well you interact with your audience. They will always give you rough ideas or hints of what they want to hear or see. Some customers may send you a direct message requesting a change of quality to your product; others may send you suggestions while others may need your advice regarding your product.

How you respond to each of the above queries will determine whether you are going to keep all the customers or lose some. In short, always engage your audience to know exactly what is viable and what is not for them!

4. Introducing new products in the market

Launching new products on social media has better chances of reaching your target population than launching at your workshop. At the click of a button, your customers will get an insight of your new product and this creates a selling atmosphere.

There are many customers out there that like to try out new products. Reaching such audience via social media marketing is very easy. In fact, it is easy, less tiring and takes a few minutes to reach them.

Depending on your network response, you will be able to know whether the product is worth investing in or not. You don’t need dead stock especially if you are operating a small business!

5. Building brand loyalty

There is nothing better for a small business owner than knowing that there are loyal customers for his/her products. This gives the business operator confidence regardless of the prevailing market situations. Loyal customers normally stick with you through thick and thin hoping that everything will be good.

Gaining this kind of customers greatly depends on your interaction levels both on social media and personally. After gain loyal customers, you should make sure that you aim at gaining more while retaining the already existing ones. By doing this, your small business gains popularity and you will be assured of certain sales to your loyal customers.

6. Increasing customer base

Social media has become an opportune platform, especially for small business to increase their customer base. An opportunity to gain more audience is served on a silver platter and it is up to the business people to embrace it. Many websites like SocialGrand gives you an opportunity to gain real Instagram followers.

We all know how powerful Instagram marketing is! Gaining new customers is as important as maintaining the existing ones. Do not forsake one for other!

7. Healthier customer satisfaction

When it comes to customer satisfaction, every brand is on the fore front to maintain a good and healthy relationship with the customers. On social media, this kind of relationship is achieved through personalized and modified replies to comments and queries rather than computerized and generalized messages. Customers need to feel that their thoughts are considered!

While carrying social media campaigns for your budding or existing business, keep in mind that there are many other people trying to do the same out there. Competition is very stiff and therefore whatever measures you take, make sure that you stand out on social media!