For the Christmas Holiday I received an Xbox One S with a game or two or three. So I guess this officially makes me a gamer right? To say the least I am far from a good gamer and end up getting my butt kicked by mostly anyone or anything I play online but what game or games am I playing you ask.


While I am not a huge fan of single person shooters the game is free to download and I wanted to see what all the fuss is about. While I have played Fortnight on both my iPad and MacBook I find it easier to play on the controller. This game is a blast and I can see how this game can be addicting while I have not spent any money on in game purchases I know I am by far not the norm as the game has broken records.


This is an example of the power of a name. While I have always been a huge fan of blizzard games dating back to Starcraft and Diablo. I picked this game up because it said blizzard on the cover when I was walking through Game Stop. While I am again not a fan of first person shooters this game turned out to be a lot of fun.

Injustice 2

Being a huge DC comics fan this game was a must by I am also a huge fan of one on one beatem up games especially when it has great graphics and has some of my favorite characters of all time that I grew up with over the years reading comics about. This has been my go to game since I got the XBox on Christmas.

Hale 5

While I understand Halo is not the huge draw it used to be I played the original Halo and loved it so I decided to pick up a used copy for 12 bucks to enjoy. After waiting hours for a 79 gig download I was able to play while the graphics have come a long way the game is still the same as it was and is a lot fun.

As I enjoy the Xbox one S there is new Xbox hardware coming in 2020 I decided not to ask for an XBox One X for Christmas as $500 for a console is a lot to spend when a new console is due out in less than two years.