Xbox One S

  • January 4, 2019

    Xbox One S Time To Play The Game

    For the Christmas Holiday I received an Xbox One S with a game or two or three. So I guess this officially makes me a gamer right? To say the least I am far from a good gamer and end up getting my butt kicked by mostly anyone or anything I play online but what game or games am I playing you ask. Fortnight While I am not a huge fan of single person shooters the game is free to download and I wanted to see what all the fuss is about. While I have played Fortnight on both my iPad and MacBook I find it easier to play on the controller. This game is a blast and I can see how this game can be addicting while I have not spent any money on in game purchases I know I am by far not the norm as the game has broken records. Overwatch This is an example of the power of a name. While I have always been a huge fan of blizzard games dating back to Starcraft and Diablo. I picked this game up because it said blizzard on the cover when I was walking through Game Stop. While I am again not a fan of first person shooters this game turned out to be a lot of fun. Injustice 2 Being a huge DC comics fan this game was a must by I am also a huge fan of one on one beatem up games especially when it has great graphics and has some of my favorite characters of all time that I grew up with over the years reading comics about. This has been my go to game since I got the XBox on Christmas. Hale 5 While I understand Halo is not the huge draw...
  • August 5, 2016

    Tax on Streaming Services

    Tax on Streaming Services Today on the show we get into tax on streaming services and cord cutting prices vs cable prices. We talk about rubik cubes making a come back. We talk about paying bills via Google calendar. We get into the essentials of programing and programing logic.  We talk about the Windows 10 Anniversary update and the new Xbox. We dig into Facebook new 10 year plan and there new lab. Much More…. Join me today as we discuss… Windows 10 Anniversary Update Borks Dual-Boot Partitions Microsoft’s HoloLens Is Now On Sale To Anyone In The US Or Canada LinkedIn Moves Into Video, Starting With Quora-Style Q&A From Influencers Xbox One S is the Best Xbox You Might Not Want To Buy Microsoft Live Account Credentials Leaking From Windows 8 And Above Hacker Selling Data For 200 Million Yahoo Users On The Dark Web One Year Later: Windows 10 Now Runs On Over 21% of All Desktops Xbox One Summer Update Adds Cortana, Music and More Apple Replaces The Pistol Emoji With A Water Gun Google Says 97% Of Connections To YouTube Are Now Encrypted Pennsylvania has signed into law a new revenue package that will require residents to pay a 6% sales tax on their streaming subscriptions Apple Announces Bug Bounty At Black Hat With Maximum $200,000 Reward