Today we kick off season 2 talking about the break, my new book launching on Leanpub in the future, plus a merchandise store possible. Apple and Google both announce hardware events and Microsoft Ignite is this month. Fitbit announces new hardware and no Pixel watch. Microsoft extends there support for Windows 10 builds from 18 to 24 months. Does anyone use Cortana or Siri on the desktop? is rolling out a new design and updates Outlook Premium and much more……

Today we talk about…

  • Microsoft Will Now Finance XBox Hardware
  • Microsoft Does Away With Surface Financing
  • Microsoft Redesigns Skype To Get Rid of The Snapchat Look
  • Skype Adds Read Receipts
  • Microsoft Wants Windows 10 To Work With Your Android Phone
  • Microsoft Teams Can Do Everything Skype For Business Can Do
  • Microsoft Edge Needs To Be A Better E-Reader
  • Alexa Coming To XBox
  • Microsoft Consumer Services On XBox
  • Cortana needs more skills

And Much More…..

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