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Pal is a new social app designed at helping users make friends by joining people’s events that are happening around them or meet like-minded people. Finally, not another boring dating app. Whether you are going to the movies, hosting a barbecue or exercising there is always a way to find people to interact with on a daily basis.

The way the app works is you post an event that will be happening or apply for an event that you like to take part in. Alternatively you have the option to search for other people based on your interest and many other search filters.

The app does have safety’s in place as you can choose who sees your events and who can contact. To all the women out there, if you don’t want to be bombarded by other men, simply unselect them and they won’t be able to see nor contact you.

The app offers standard social media integration as you can simply invite friends via SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook or email.

The events that you can create and activities you’d like to take part in are almost endless, with app categories ranging from food, drinks, sports, outdoors, sightseeing, party, beauty, family, outdoors, watch sports, shopping and much more.

The Pal App does offer a chat feature inside of the app which is very useful if you want to find out more about the event in are taking part in or simply chat with the people you just befriended. Note, you can only chat to people if you are part of the event or if the other person has accepted you.

Another really cool feature is the fact that if you are a group of friends having fun, you can create a group on Pal and use it as a groupd and join events all together and meet new people and other groups.

The Pal App is a great app to find like-minded people, events or activities you want to do but don’t want to do alone and make friends. Pal is free to use and available globally on iOS and Android.




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