DasCoin has unveiled ongoing plans to launch the first-ever cryptocurrency-based mobile pay solution to help crypto users spend their digital currency in more places. Expected to launch in June 2918, DasPay will help users to spend cryptocurrency directly from their WebWallet account.

Other platforms use prepaid versions of debit cards, where one can use digital currency to load their card. But with DasPay you’ll actually be spending your tokens to pay for goods and services across the globe with your mobile phone. That is just the tip of it, here’s how DasPay works.

NetLeaders Teamed Up with the Best in MobilePay Technology

NetLeaders, which is the company behind DasCoin sought the services of Carta Worldwide. This is the same company behind the leading mobile payment solutions across the world including:

  • ApplePay
  • GooglePay
  • Vodafone Pay
  • Visa Electron
  • Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • Uber

The CEO of Carta Worldwide, Brian Semkiw, applauded the DasPay concept.  Mr. Semkiw said he was excited about releasing a fully operational DasPay app that would be “ready to go” by end of Q2, which would be June 30th.

How DasPay Works

The mobile pay solution seeks to empower DasNet users to use their digital currency to pay for goods and services across the world, where Visa and MasterCard are accepted. That means DasPay will be accepted at over 60 million merchants across the globe.

Importantly, merchants will not even have to know that they are processing a DasCoin transaction. They will only need to be working with either MasterCard or Visa. And then NetLeaders blockchain technology will step in behind the interface to confirm the buyer has enough funds in their WebWallet account to allow the process to complete. This process will take just six seconds.

The Visa and MasterCard partnership also means merchants do not have to replace or purchase additional Point of Sale terminals to accept DasCoin. Plus, using the physical cards will add an extra layer of security to the transactions.

Still, the DasNet blockchain will generate a ledger of the transactions and allow merchants to keep a foolproof record of the transactions.

The first cryptocurrency to go mainstream?

DasCoin has proclaimed its intention to dominate the cryptocurrency space by offering digital currency solutions that will attract mass adoption worldwide. Now their permissioned blockchain technology proves to be beneficial, as authenticating DasNet users went a long way in convincing Visa and MasterCard to come on board.

While users will need to be authenticated before they can use DasNet services, their true identity will be obscured automatically by the company’s Consortium Blockchain. This will be done to preserve their privacy and boost security in all transactions.

Could the DasPay technology be what the cryptocurrency industry has been waiting for? It looks promising that DasPay will bring cryptocurrency to the mainstream.