Slideshows are an amazing way to flaunt your awesome captures. How about layering them with a cool background score? Wonderful isn’t it? You bet. And the good news is today you don’t need to be a geek or a professional photographer to transcend your photo album into a dramatic slideshow- courtesy Movavi Slideshow Maker. Developed by globally acclaimed software developer Movavi, the slideshow maker is a cutting edge program that enables anyone to make super slideshows with music with simple computing skills.

The post below shows how to make a slideshow with music easily with Movavi Slideshow Maker.

Install the Movavi program

First, download & install Movavi Slideshow Maker in your system.

Set working mode

The Movavi program enables you to create slideshow in 2 formats- Easy mode and Full Feature Mode. If you want to create the slideshow in the first mode, click on Create Slideshow in easy mode-

  • Creating slideshow in Easy Mode:

Upload your photos:

Go to Slideshow Wizard. As you reach the first tab, click on +Files / +Folders and select the desired pictures. Set slide duration for your photos by clicking on Slide Duration.

Add Transitions:

Open 2nd tab. Choose transition style if you want to add transitions to your slides. If you don’t, click on No transitions. You can modify speed of transition through Max transition duration.

Add Music:

Move to 3rd tab and click on +Audio to add in your preferred music to the slides. To sync up duration of slides with rhythm of music, go to Yes tab & set the Minimum slide Duration. Now, click on Finish.

  • Create slideshow in Full Feature Mode

Add photos:

Click on Add Media Files and select your photos for the slideshow.

Add Transitions:

Click on Transitions and choose a transition style that best suits your slideshow. Then, drag & drop the style between two videos on your timeline.

Add music & titles

To add music, go to Add Media Files and select a desired track from your folder.

If you want to add titles, click on Titles tab and choose a suitable one.

 Convert and Save the clip

Go to Export and choose an output format for your slideshow. Then, click on Start. The Movavi program will convert your file and save it automatically.

Features of Movavi Slideshow Maker

  • Creates beautiful slideshows in simple 3 steps
  • Carries dynamic transitions for slides
  • Comes with a great list of audio and titles
  • Allows to improve picture quality

Useful tips for user

If you want more customizations with your photos – like the incorporation of video footage, special effects, titles and so on- go for Create project in full feature mode.