Podcast Episode 23

The Technology Geek – Episode 22 Today in this podcast we discuss Benzo Plans change newspaper industry with targeted news Recycling Bins Track Passing People via Wi-Fi Targeted Marketing and Content Google and Twit Network Instant Gratification Era Social Networking Changing Local News Showing Hurricane...
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New York and The Senate Opens Bitcoin Investigation

A US Senate committee has launched an investigation into the virtual Bitcoin currency after concerns over criminal activity, days after a number of Bitcoin companies are subpoenaed in New York. Earlier this week, New York state issued subpoenas to around two dozen companies who operate...
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Documents Show Secret Service Kept Tabs On Swartz

Documents released show the secret service was interested in a document Swartz penned calling for open information. The first batch of secret service documents about Aaron Swartz has been released amid a legal battle to publicly share the 14,500 pages the government has amassed in...
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Podcast Episode 22

The Technology Geek – Episode 22 Today in this podcast we discuss Homes for Hackers 2600 Magazine Will Smith Not in New Independence Day 2 WikiLeak Movie Uneasy feeling at Defcon over spot the fed t-shirts exc Shark Week On Discovery Channel Balloon for...
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Tips For Safety Of Your Password On Internet

Creating and maintaining a strong password system is important for all the internet users. You have to keep all your online accounts passwords safe. If you have doubts in your mind about how to form a strong password and how to keep them safe you...
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Podcast Episode 21

The Technology Geek – Episode 20 Today in this podcast we discuss More On Chromecast Apple Eco System why people don’t want move Android Apple TV buying videos rather than renting or streaming Roku different design then Apple TV model Apple hardware venter Droid and...
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Legendary Ham Radio Operation Art Bell Returns SiriusXM

Art Bell, W6OBB and legendary late-night talk radio host is returning to the airwaves. Sirius XM will be the exclusive home to legendary nighttime talker Art Bell, marking his full-time return to radio with a new, expanded live, nightly call-in show on which he will...
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Setup Second Network Card OSSIM

1. Run alienvault-setup and Jail Break OSSIM Server to allow you command line access 2. First IP your second interface card that will not be used for management eth# # ifconfig eth0 netmask up # ifconfig eth0 3. Edit your /etc/ossim/ossim_setup.conf. Under [sensor], add...
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