The Black Echo is the first book from the Harry Bosch series written by Michael Connelly. The book follows Hollywood homicide detective Harry Bosch threw a murder mystery after the body of a Vietnam War veteran is discovered in a storm tunnel. Bosch recognizes the guy as an old war buddy who had worked with him in the tunnel system during the war.

While on the trail of the killer Bosch discovers his friend’s death is linked to a series of bank robberies involving Vietnam tunnel rats as they’re called.  Bosch finally gets a lead from a witness but when the witness turns up dead Bosch realizes there must be a leak in the FBI and must find out how deep this goes in the bureau. Bosch himself is under investigation from internal affairs for being too close to his last case.

When Bosch finally gets a lead at half way house for war veterans he is able to ID the two other men involved in the bank robberies but what he does not realize is there just pawns in the grand scheme of things.

After a long night of stake out with Bosch’s FBI liaison the two internal affair agents make a mistake that causes a bloody shoot out killing several people. Bosch using his skills from the war chases the men down threw a tunnel system and finally finds out who is behind this entire robbery and homicide case.

Michael Connelly does a great job in this book of describing Hollywood and the surrounding area you are really able to get a feel for the surroundings. Everything is well explained I am not an expert in police lingo but the author does a great job of explaining everything so you do not get lost in the conversation or acronyms.

The book does a great job of keeping the plot and story moving sometimes in mystery books it can be tough to really keep the pace of the book going this book really does not have any low points it always keeps your attention with some plot twist or back story needed to further explain the story.

The book is a little dated published in 1992 not the authors fault as technology has progressed the references to payphones, typewriters and maps in any book is always a fun time especially seeing how technology has changed the way we live.

Overall a great cop book with a great murder mystery I would give the book four stars out of five.