The new Google Pixel C “the most advanced android tablet” which is developed and marketed by Google on September 29th, 2015. The Google Pixel until today when compared to other tablets has been found to have the best performance in operating system.

Its tablet has a slim, compact aluminum built which makes it look sturdy. Also know that it’s optional Bluetooth keyboard is solid and can be doubled as the tablets covers.

This tablet has a resolution of 2560×1800 pixels, a 10.2 inch tablet which runs at 308 ppi being powered by the 256-core Maxwell GPU, offering you a gigantic HD screen giving you brighter and colorful resolution.

It’s has weight at 18.2 oz. (517 g), which means that the 9.53×7.05×0.28-inch (242x179x7mm device fits easily in the hand that is by using any orientation, also know that the narrow bezel helps to enrich its idea as a tablets i.e. as an iPad-beater.

The Google Pixel C has outstanding camera specs that offers image editing tools, this comes with 2 MP camera on the front and 8 MP on the back, and it has an audio of (3.5 mm combo headphone/microphone jack, dual side-facing speakers).

Please know that the connectivity in Pixel C comes with the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and has a USB 3.0 Type-c reversible connector.

Also know that this has a running android 6.0 marshmallow that is being powered by the NVIDIA Tegre XI processor, consisting of 3GB Ram which has an internal memory of 64GB and 32GB. It’s the perfect goodie for those who love to play games for this tablet provides you non-removable battery to you, which can be installed inside Google pixel and can be fully charged within 15 minutes.

The reason for this is that its processor uses the curiously named ARM big little architecture which means that the right cores are power efficient and slower while the other ones are more power packed and are faster in speed. The result of this leads  to be having more efficient battery  usage when you are performing or doing small work such as web browsing, which has the power or ability to work with far more energized tasks such as gaming.

In the end one could just state that considering Pixel C features of the top-end hardware it has bought good competition for Apple and Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 and is considered to be the best android tablet _at least from a hardware perspective.

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