We all know I am a large supporter of Apple products I have been a huge supporter of their PC and their iPhone for the last 10 years and was early adopted of their AirPods. I watch the Apple Keynote today in the new Steve Jobs theater at Apple’s new campus and was not impressed with any of their new innovations which were not really innovations but will catch on because of Apples following and clout in the smartphone industry.

I would like to start with their new FaceID technology which is very cool but is not new to the marketplace. Windows Hello which does the exact same thing was released by Microsoft as part of Windows 10 in July of 2015. The difference is that Microsoft released it for the desktop since Microsoft has no mobile platform. Android was offering Face Unlock as early as 2012 on select Samsung phones.

The iPhone offers the Edge to Edge display which again was already done by Samsung first with the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge first as early as November of 2014 and the Samsung Galaxy Edge in 2015.

Apple announced wireless charging which again is nothing new to the mobile industry as Samsung and others have been doing this for a while but I do think by Apple doing it we will see wider spread adoption in the industry. I have to say as a lover of Apple AirPods I want one of the wireless charging cases.

The one thing Apple has always done right is their cameras. Being able to capture slow motion film in higher definition and film in 4K is very cool but will defiantly require a good amount of storage. The duel optical image stabilization is great and is offered on the Galaxy Note 8 as well. Apple adding a quad-LED True Tone Flash is a great touch to keep them a head in the camera industry.

Removing the Home Button, was a big surprise for me and is a huge risk taken by Apple because that has been on every phone they have ever released since the first version. The risk is much needed as Apple because of the Home Button has been forced for years to have the smallest smart screen on the market.

I think the reason why Apple is offering the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus with the Home Button and offering the iPhone X with no Home Button is a way of them still offering the Home Button the hardcore users who will not want to adopt the “No Home Button Just Swipe Up” mentality right away. This is a smart move by Apple for two reasons if people want a new iPhone but don’t want to lose their Home Button they would hang on to their old phones longer and Apple would lose sales this way you can upgrade to a new phone and keep your Home Button. The second reason Apple did this was to protect their sales they are not sure how consumers are going to react to this new design so let’s offer 2 new phones one with and one without a Home Button and see which one users purchase and move forward wit a design from there after the holiday season.

There were other great product innovations from the event the Apple watch has a lot of fun innovative features that was really cool from a fitness band and Apple TV had some great changes and some big announcements that kind of surprised me like 4K streaming and no additional fee for upgrading current video library. Great even from Apple I enjoyed the Apple Watch and Apple TV announcements more than anything.

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