Apple Watch

  • February 5, 2019

    Apple Watch Heart Health Events

  • Recently my wife has been traveling and busy with our 10-month-old baby so I have been trying to help out around the house and I have again found a new use for the Apple Watch. To start with Siri on my wrist has become very handy when it comes to setting reminders like go swap the laundry or to make sure I leave early enough to get to my older daughters bus stop has been very handy to have at the touch of a button. The next thing is the task list is great if my wife has a few things she needs me to remember to do I just hold in the crown button on my Apple watch and ask Siri to add them to my task list. The next thing I find handy is the timer on my Apple Watch. When I am cooking dinner or helping my daughter there are many times I need a timer. Having a timer on my wrist has come in very handy. The next thing is being able to answer my phone. I know it sounds nuts but if you have ever changed a child many times your hands are full between a diaper, whips and your kid’s feet. Your phone always rings with an important phone call you have been waiting for all day when your hands are full. Being able to just quickly tap your Apple Watch on your wrist is a major lifesaver when you’re in a situation where your hands are full and need to answer a call quickly. Having your weather on your wrist is great as well many times I am trying to figure out how to dress the kids and having the weather and temperature at a glace can be another big time saver for a...
  • January 8, 2019

    Apple Watch Series 4 Review

    As you have read in the past I was not a huge fan of the Apple Watch Series 3 when I first tried it last year. If you remember I ditched the Apple watch for a Fitbit Charge 2. This year I decided to try the Apple Watch Series 4 with LTE. This device has come a long way in the health market. Apple has added Fall Detection Echocardiogram Features Low Heart-Rate Alerts All of which I find both very cool and really put Apple far ahead in the health market. I was not a huge fan of the old Apple watch as I found the screen a bit small for my fingers. I got the 44mm this time around and I really have no issue touching the screen and being accurate. I think this was one of the main turn-offs for me personally. Compared to the Fitbit I do find the step counter to be much more accurate on an Apple Watch. Many times with my Fitbit I would be sitting there watching TV with my 6-month-old daughter and the Fitbit would congratulate me on reaching my step goals. Just from my daughter moving around it would count that as steps with the Apple Watch this does not happen anymore. I did find on the Fitbit that I liked reading my messages on my wrist but the not being able to reply was kind of a pain. This could have been fixed with a more expensive Fitbit like the Versa or Blaze. I can’t really blame Fitbit for that as I could have bought the more expensive model. I do like controlling my music on Apple watch that is another feature that could have been fixed by again a more expensive Fitbit. The App support for the Apple Watch...
  • I recently tried the Apple Watch Series 3 as my everyday driver for smart wearables and I have to say I was not overly impressed. I would like to say that this is my first impression I will need a few weeks of using it at the gym and wearing it every day to give you my final review. My first and probably biggest issue with the Apple Watch Series 3 is the design and build quality. While Apple is known for always making a premium product the Apple Watch Series 3 just reminds me of the touchscreen iPod Nano with a wristband. I was not overly impressed with the design or look while there are millions of different bands and cases for the device it just does not have a slick sporty design to me as a consumer. My other issue with the design is the edge to edge bezels design that Apple has done on every model since the original series one. The design just makes me uncomfortable using it at the gym. Without a case or bezel, the glass just seems to exposed and able to break when hit into something at the gym like an exercise machine or weights. One thing I really loved about the Apple Watch Series 3 was the LTE the fact that you could exercise and leave your phone behind while still getting streaming music, calls, texts, and notifications is great and really did move the needle for me as a smartwatch.  I would like to point out there are Android Wear Watches with LTE as well.  I did have one issue with the music streaming you can read about that in my previous article titled Music Apps on the Apple Watch Series 3 The fitness portion of the watch was ok...
  • July 16, 2018

    Music Apps on the Apple Watch Series 3

    I recently purchased an Apple Watch Series 3 to test and to my surprise, the watch does not have a native Spotify and Pandora app. Not all Apple Watch Series 3 have an LTE connection mine does because I bought it through Verizon, but this was kind of a concern to me and I will tell you why. I have been on a major fitness kick lately trying to lose weight and get healthier. I have AirPods and they are great I figured the Apple Watch would be a great companion to my Apple headphones that’s why I picked the Apple Watch. The first negative about the watch was there is NO Spotify or Pandora app on the Apple Watch Series 3. Spotify was rumored to release a WatchOS app at Apples WWDC and that never happen so the only way to stream music from my watch is to get Apple Music. On my first jog earlier, this week I went to play music and realized I had no cell service so I then offlined a bunch of playlists to my Apple Watch Series 3. To me signing up for Apple music at $9.99 month is no big deal I have a Spotify family account and it kind of stinks that I need an Apple Music Subscription, but I have MacBook Pro, iPhone 8, AirPods, iPad Mini and now Apple Watch so the $9.99 month will not be wasted. Not to mention thinking about it I buy a lot of Apple hardware but have bought little to nothing from Apple echo system besides a few apps from App Store, so I am sure this will make Tim Cook happy to read this 😉 I started looking around and this not something just Apple is doing to help get subscribers in...
  • September 12, 2017

    The iPhone X Is Not Innovative

    We all know I am a large supporter of Apple products I have been a huge supporter of their PC and their iPhone for the last 10 years and was early adopted of their AirPods. I watch the Apple Keynote today in the new Steve Jobs theater at Apple’s new campus and was not impressed with any of their new innovations which were not really innovations but will catch on because of Apples following and clout in the smartphone industry. I would like to start with their new FaceID technology which is very cool but is not new to the marketplace. Windows Hello which does the exact same thing was released by Microsoft as part of Windows 10 in July of 2015. The difference is that Microsoft released it for the desktop since Microsoft has no mobile platform. Android was offering Face Unlock as early as 2012 on select Samsung phones. The iPhone offers the Edge to Edge display which again was already done by Samsung first with the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge first as early as November of 2014 and the Samsung Galaxy Edge in 2015. Apple announced wireless charging which again is nothing new to the mobile industry as Samsung and others have been doing this for a while but I do think by Apple doing it we will see wider spread adoption in the industry. I have to say as a lover of Apple AirPods I want one of the wireless charging cases. The one thing Apple has always done right is their cameras. Being able to capture slow motion film in higher definition and film in 4K is very cool but will defiantly require a good amount of storage. The duel optical image stabilization is great and is offered on the Galaxy Note 8 as well....
  • March 12, 2015

    TTG Podcast Unleashed – Apple Watch

    The Technology Geek Podcast Unleashed 1 Apple Watch Today in this podcast we discuss Apple’s new watch, Macbook and HBO NOW. We talk about Hilary Clinton not being able to use to use 2 e-mail accounts on one blackberry. We run down about how Steam is a great gaming platform on Linux and OSX. We talk about The technology Geek Unleashed vs The Technology Geek Friday Show and my guest lineup. We discuss our summer live even plans. We talk about the technology news of the week and answer your questions. Join Me Today As I Respond to Your Calls and Discuss… Slipknot guitarist Mick Thomson stabbed in head by younger brother ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ gets the vintage cover it deserves Facebook targets emerging markets with low-bandwidth ads Wikipedia is suing the NSA over its mass surveillance program Google opens its first branded retail store Knock-Off Apple Watches Hit the Chinese Market Less Than 24 Hours After Launch Steam On Linux Now Has Over a Thousand Games Available Google Announces Android 5.1 Join Me Today As I Answer Your Questions… Will Apple ever update the iPod Touch? How can I recondition an old ham radio? Can office 365 run on a Mac? How can I get Lollipop on my Android phone? Do you think it’s good card wrestlemania? Sponsors For Todays Show.. The Technology Geek Members Club