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  • May 23, 2019

    Moving From iPhone 8 to the iPhone XS

  • If you are in the market for a new phone, you might have considered getting one among high end models recently unveiled. There are many options in this segment including the iPhone 8 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Considering the two mentioned, you might need to look deeper into the features of both phones to arrive at a conclusion, but this is not a difficult decision if you consider features like the camera. Noelle Neff, a writer and tech enthusiast who has helped review different phones also has something to say about the camera options between the iPhone X and Note 8. This is a tight battle that reveals the positives of each model, so if you want to choose based on this criterion then pay attention. Sensors According to Apple, the iPhone 8 Plus comes with sensors which are physically bigger than previous models. But this information is not highlighted in the EXIF data. The camera of the iPhone 8 features a 28 mm lens that has a 3.99mm focal length as well as a fixed f/1.8 aperture. Its 2x lens is 6mm and offers f/2.8, but the reason its values are low is because this is a secondary sensor that is smaller than the primary. Its main lens relies on a 1/3-inch chip with the 2x sensor taking a 1/3.6-inch design. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 features a 4.3mm f/1.7 lens that works with its wide-angle camera. Its focal length is wider and has a wider field of view due to its main sensor that includes a 1/2.55-inch design. The second lens of the camera is a bit tighter. That means the main camera of the Note 8 offers a wider aperture. One advantage the Note 8 enjoys is that it comes with...
  • A lot of people have been tweeting and emailing me asking why would Apple release two phones about a month apart one being an upgrade to the current iPhone 7 and the other a new design. Everyone I have spoken to says this, not typical Apple style. I have no internal information but let me give you my take on this decision. The iPhone 8 which is basically the iPhone 7 with an updated ram and processor and still rocks the home button is scheduled to start shipping September 22 this coming Friday. The iPhone 10 (X) is scheduled to start pre-orders on October 27th, with shipping to begin on November 3rd. There are reasons why Apple has chosen to make this decision to have 2 different phones releasing. I believe and it’s not all because of shipping and manufacturing delay and difficulty. Apple wants to release the iPhone 8 first to see what the response is to the phone. They want to see if they have those huge order numbers they are used to but at this point, we have heard that ordering is off to a slow start. Many people believe that the iPhone 10 will be another huge hit for Apple and it very well could be a huge hit for Apple. But Apple made a very smart business decision not knowing how people would react to the removal of the famous home button so they released an upgraded version of their current already a huge success iPhone design. Not only is the iPhone 10 taking a huge step by removing the home button but adding the Face ID is another huge change for Apple. These two big changes along with an iOS update on the horizon I think Apple was afraid to gamble the company’s finical...
  • September 12, 2017

    The iPhone X Is Not Innovative

    We all know I am a large supporter of Apple products I have been a huge supporter of their PC and their iPhone for the last 10 years and was early adopted of their AirPods. I watch the Apple Keynote today in the new Steve Jobs theater at Apple’s new campus and was not impressed with any of their new innovations which were not really innovations but will catch on because of Apples following and clout in the smartphone industry. I would like to start with their new FaceID technology which is very cool but is not new to the marketplace. Windows Hello which does the exact same thing was released by Microsoft as part of Windows 10 in July of 2015. The difference is that Microsoft released it for the desktop since Microsoft has no mobile platform. Android was offering Face Unlock as early as 2012 on select Samsung phones. The iPhone offers the Edge to Edge display which again was already done by Samsung first with the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge first as early as November of 2014 and the Samsung Galaxy Edge in 2015. Apple announced wireless charging which again is nothing new to the mobile industry as Samsung and others have been doing this for a while but I do think by Apple doing it we will see wider spread adoption in the industry. I have to say as a lover of Apple AirPods I want one of the wireless charging cases. The one thing Apple has always done right is their cameras. Being able to capture slow motion film in higher definition and film in 4K is very cool but will defiantly require a good amount of storage. The duel optical image stabilization is great and is offered on the Galaxy Note 8 as well....